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Lawyer, Abdul Gegele, Advocates Life Jail for Convicted Rapists, Urges Victims to Speak Out

Life sentence for rapists in Nigeria

Ilorin based legal practitioner, Abdul Gegele, has called for the imposition of life sentence on suspects found guilty of rape as a measure to curb the heinous crime across the nation.

Gegele made the call on last Wednesday while speaking with newsmen in Ilorin.

He stated that Nigeria has a disproportionately low conviction rate for rape and sexual abuse cases despite increase in reported cases.

He urged government, national and state assemblies to ensure that laws against rape were amended to enhance conviction and punishment of perpetrators of this crime against humanity.

“Stiffer punishment must be imposed on rape perpetrators, because the rate of rape cases is becoming very alarming in Nigeria.”

“It’s time to say no to rape, it is a serious crime that must be totally erased in our society.”

“Rapists should not be celebrated, but severely dealt with to ensure a safe society, ” he added.

Gegele urged rape victims to speak up and stop self-loathe, guilt.

He cautioned them not to contemplate suicide due to the overwhelming trauma associated with sexual assaults, but to seek justice against the rapists.

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