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Duties of the NBA National Welfare Secretary| Kunle Edun: A Name You Know

Kunle Edun

i) He/She shall monitor the welfare and interest of members of the Association.

ii) He/She shall bring to the notice of the National officers and the National Executive Committee any matter concerning the welfare of any member of the Association whether within or outside the Country with a view to protecting and preserving their rights, privileges and welfare.

iii) He/She shall be responsible for managing the programme of assistance for incapacitated or aged members of the Association.

iv) He/She shall be responsible for supervising the insurance and endowment programmes of the Association.

v) He/She shall perform all other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the President or the National Executive Committee or the Annual General Meeting.

As can be seen the duties of the National Welfare Secretary of the NBA are onerous. Considering the huge constitutional responsibilities, the National Welfare Secretary is expectedly one of the very important officers of the Association. Such high responsibilities require a person with a proven pedigree of consistent performance, passion for service and result-oriented, to deliver on the job. The National Welfare Secretary must be someone that understands very well the issues affecting the individual members of the bar. He must be ready to lead the battle against violations of their rights by law enforcement agents. He must be available 24/7 to work for you.

The office of the National Welfare Secretary is not a tea party or one only for social events. It is about the total wellbeing and practice of members of the bar. It must be about competence based on proven performance of the candidates.

It should not be about how small or how big the office is for the occupant. Passionate and result-oriented bar men don’t think that way. It should be about adding value to the system and what the aspirant can bring to the NBA to uplift the welfare of members.

Your welfare as a member of the NBA is important and paramount to Kunle Edun.

Kunle Edun always walks his talks.

With the support of the National officers of the NBA and members of the bar, Kunle Edun turned around the Publicity Department of the NBA and made viable contributions in making the NBA, for the first time ever, more communication-friendly and responsive to issues. There are no longer secrets in the affairs of the NBA. Every member now knows what is happening in the NBA.

Consistently, Kunle Edun has engaged lawyers on various NBA platforms on issues touching on the NBA, law, practice, rights violations and human interest. Kunle Edun has consistently ensured that the NBA’s views on national issues are aired and published by all the prominent media outfits timeously. His response time to issues is light speed and second to none. Would you rather want a person that either never responds to your calls or does so belatedly or becomes suddenly seen or heard of during campaign period? Kunle Edun has shown that the NBA can care and cater for its members. His humility makes him accessible to all. This accounts for the reason why the NBA President, the General Secretary and other National officers continue to give him their unflinching support.

If you desire a proactive and responsive National Welfare Secretary for the NBA, STAND WITH KUNLE EDUN FOR NATIONAL WELFARE SECRETARY when campaign officially commences.

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