Free e-book| Poverty, Justice and the Rule of Law Report of IBA Presidential Task Force on the Financial Crisis Edited by Peter D Maynard, Ph.D., Neil Gold, LSM, LLM

Few contemporary questions are as fundamental for the legal profession as the wellbeing (or lack thereof) of more than one billion people on the planet living in poverty.

Featuring contributions from four Nobel laureates, Poverty, Justice and the Rule of Law (2013) – the Report of the Second Phase of the IBA Presidential Task Force on the Global Financial Crisis – is a first attempt at dealing thoroughly with the post-GFC effects on poverty.

Intended to help legal practitioners and those who interpret their efforts more decisively down the path, this book captures an essential core of issues and approaches, and it is hoped that it may be a stimulus to the continuation of such work in these and other relevant fields.

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“This is a book that not only teaches how integral legal support is to achieving social change but also provides a comprehensive analysis of the concept of justice, as both theory and a practical approach in the wake of the GFC

Máximo Bomchil
IBA Council Member; Co-Chair, IBA Law Firm Management Committee (2013–2014);
Senior Partner of M & M Bomchil, Buenos Aires

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