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Haruna Yelma: The Definitive Manifesto for a Reformative Bar

Haruna Yelma has a Reformative mission and vision for NBA Gombe Branch through practical ideas


To make the Nigerian Bar Association, Gombe branch more responsive and enhance the welfare of members through a more vibrant and reformative Bar with unmatched collaborative opportunities and partnerships, as well as improved practice and professional development.


A revamped Branch with purposeful, vibrant and innovative leadership that believe in best practices, professionalism, discipline, accessible to all members and rule of law.

The Reformative Bar Agenda

In furtherance of the functions and duties ascribed to the office of Branch Chairman by Section 7 (1) of the Nigerian Bar Association Uniform By-law for Branches 3rd Schedule of the NBA Constitution (as amended, 2015), the Refomative Bar team will work selflessly and sincerely in ensuring that the branch achieve the following as stated hereunder:

To demonstrate the commitment and willingness of the Reformative Bar, we shall once elected proceed on the following:

a. Welfare of Lawyers within the Branch will be our number one priority and will be greatly enhanced. We shall achieve this by giving serious attention to capacity building and improved welfare of members. We shall also endeavor to protect the job of lawyers.
b. Attract foreign donors and other relevant organisations that sponsor prison decongestion for benefit of our members and the society at large.
c. Liaise and collaborate with the Judiciary and other relevant stakeholders to speed up the review of our High Court Rules and Practice Direction.
d. Ensure effective, vibrant and active Bar & Bench Forum. This will include outlining specific gray areas which will be addressed and regular meeting of the forum will be organised.
e. Establishment/resuscitation of the branch elders’ forum. This will entails constant consultation with the forum and keeping them abreast with activities of the Branch.
f. In collaboration with relevant agencies, non-governmental organisations and other relevant stakeholders, efforts will be geared towards encouraging lawyers to pursue continuous legal education that will not only result in monetary rewards but professional upliftment. This will be achieved by organising law week activities, law dinners, seminars/workshops.
g. In line with the relevant provisions of the Constitution, we will support, encourage and collaborate with the women and Young Lawyers Forum of the Branch in Strengthen the NBA-YLF to become efficient and responsive to the basic yearnings and aspirations of members and in order to achieve the desired reformation of the branch wholeheartedly. We will provide mentorship and self realisation platform for young lawyers for the enhancement of their capacities beyond litigation.
h. Organise monthly aerobic exercises. This will enable members to keep fit at-least once in a month.
i. Advocate for the rights of all members of the Association where such have been trampled upon through constituted organs of the State. In order to make our role as the watchdog of the society real and attainable, we will regularly consult Bar leaders and Past Chairmen to getting them refocus on the affairs of the branch and offer needed advice from time to time. There shall be periodic and timely Press Releases on the State of the Bar and State of the Nation with the inputs of Bar leaders.
j. Re-branding of the branch monthly meeting. If elected we will remodel and improve the way the meeting is organised, our meetings will be more vibrant, robust, relax and under conducive atmosphere.
k. As a great team player, I will work hard with other members of the executive committee in order to achieve a successful tenure and ease of participation by all.
l. We pledge to run a reformative, transparent and financially prudent administration. We will ensure prudent financial management of the branch finances.
m. We will rent an edifice at a suitable and strategic location in town for usage as the branch temporary secretariat pending the completion of the Bar Centre. To effectively drive the Reformative Bar agenda, we shall introduce IT-based innovation secretariat, including but not limited to:

  • Establishment of Official NBA Gombe Branch Call Centre for the first time. This will enable members get prompt answers to inquiries and complaints and more especially make the Secretariat easily accessible to members and the public from any part of the world.
  • Provision of free access to Law Pavilion Online law reporting at the secretariat to aid members in their legal research.


Learned colleagues, past administrations of NBA Gombe Branch, have all done well in their various capacities, laudable programmes and efforts at charting a positive path for our dear branch and the Legal Profession.

I commend in a special way, the initiators of the Branch Bar project. Together with my Reformative Bar team, we pledge to do all it will take to maintain and advance that edifice that it will one day be the pride of this noble branch.

Gentlemen, we promise to improve on all tangible initiatives of past administrations and collectively deliver the NBA Gombe branch of dreams, if you support the Reformative Bar vision and vote Haruna Yelma as chairman of NBA Gombe Branch in the forthcoming June, 2019 Elections.

May God bless our vision for a Reformative Bar.

Thank You,

Haruna Yelma

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