Hogan Lovells Fosters Discourse on Investment Opportunities in Infrastructure, Healthcare, and Technology across North Africa

As part of its commitment to advance sustainable growth in Africa, Global Law firm Hogan Lovells has hosted the North African edition of its Business Leadership Series. The summit, which explored key investment opportunities in infrastructure and energy, also provided important insight into the new wave of technology and healthcare. Led by key members of Hogan Lovells Africa practice, private sector experts and investors across the region gathered virtually on July 15, 2021, to discuss ways in which the opportunities can be exploited towards economic growth for the sub-region.

Head of African practice at Hogan Lovells, Andrew Skipper anchored the session which featured thought leaders who shared industry insight to facilitate growth across North Africa. Among the industry experts present was Sorana Parvulescu, Partner, Political Risk, EMEA, Control Risks, who gave a regional overview of the economic state of the sub-region and identified the need for growth and favourable investment in North Africa. Commenting on the insights, Bruno Cartier and William (Bill) Ferreira, partners at Hogan Lovells Paris and Washington offices, explored in-depth the golden opportunities in the education, healthcare, infrastructure energy and the growth in ‘impact’ projects across  North Africa, and the significant effects on Africa’s economy.

Tunisia’s former minister and Chairman, GCA Asset Management, Dr. Slim Feriani, spoke during a fireside chat on potential sectors that will stimulate growth in Tunisia and North Africa at large and some of the challenges that may occur. Recognising the need for more private sector investment, Feriani commended the immense contribution made to integrating the economy. On the opportunities for investment in North Africa, Dr. Feriani highlighted the attractiveness of the region compared to other markets in terms of human and financial resources.

A panel consisting of Ismail Talbi, Senior partner – Egypt MD Africinvest; Adel Goucha, Partner at RMBV; and Kenza Lahlou, Co-founder and General Partner at Outlinerz Ventures, also discussed key areas for investment in North Africa which include increasing opportunities in technology for all sectors as well as the role of ‘impact funding’ in North Africa. The Business Leadership Series continues with South Africa scheduled for November 2021, where crucial private sector leaders will analyse the tourism, hospitality, and FMCG sectors to draw a plan for economic recovery in the region.

Commenting, Head of Africa Practice at Hogan Lovells, Andrew Skipper, said:

‘‘North Africa remains a critical region for investment opportunity. We recognise the role and importance of the private sector towards achieving growth and it has proved valuable to engage thought leaders in demonstrating the great prospects the region can achieve in its vital sectors.’’


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