‘I Stand with JUSUN in Their Quest for the Independence of the Judiciary” –Douglas Ogbankwa Esq. of V4IJ

The earlier we told ourselves the bitter truth as lawyers as it concerns the Independence of the Judiciary, the better for us .

The Nigerian Bar Association at the national and local levels should not act like every thing is ok with the Nigerian Judiciary.

Our body language encourages the impunity of the Executive in not obeying Section 121 (3) of the Constitution in ensuring that all monies standing to the credit of the Judiciary be paid directly to the heads of court .

JUSUN is fighting for us all. Let us support them in our collective quest to ensure an Independent Judiciary that will transcend to an egalitarian society.

I am Douglas Ogbankwa Esq., I stand for the Rule of Law.

So, I support the JUSUN Strike for the Independence of the Judiciary.

Vanguard for the Independence of the Judiciary. (V4IJ).


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