Impersonation of Legal Practitioners: NBA Yenagoa Branch Vows to Go Tough on Culprits

Nigerian Bar Association

Whereas, Legal Practitioners are Persons called to the Nigerian Bar and enrolled at the Supreme Court of Nigeria as Barristers and Solicitors, with annual license to practice upon payment of prescribed Fees and possession of the Nigerian Bar Association customized Stamp and Seal issued with a Supreme Court Number; all other persons not in the bracket of the above professional categorization, whether they are undergoing legal Studies or possess law degrees or related courses, are not Lawyers or Legal Practitioners as contemplated by the Legal Practitioners Act, 1975.

Accordingly, such impersonators, imposters and fake professionals holding themselves out as Legal Practitioners, when they are not, shall henceforth be fished-out and severely dealt with in accordance with the punitive Laws of the Land.

A NON-LAWYER should henceforth not dare:

  • represent another Person or Party in any Proceedings in Nigeria.
  • prepare Deeds and related documents and Agreements reserved for Lawyers.
  • use Titles, Stickers, Crests, and other representations preserved for Legal Practitioners.
  • occupy a position in the public or private sector designed for a Lawyer.
  • render legal opinion

Legal Practitioners’ qualifying Certificates are not transferable or inheritable.

No Person becomes a Lawyer by Friendship, association or relationship.

Unwholesome infiltrations and worrisome incursions into the Legal Profession shall not be further tolerated and condoned.

As Ministers in the Temple of Justice, We shall not aid and abet the unauthorised practice of Law.

Whereas, the Yenagoa Bar ably led by F.T. Okorotie, Esq. is interested in swelling it Ranks, the Bar will not accept Gatecrashing.

WANNABEs, who have hitherto curried and courted somewhat disrepute to the Profession of Law, should in their own interest, steer clear of the Noblest and only Legal Profession, as Legal Practice is not an All-Comers affair.

Yours in the promotion of the rule of Law,

Nelson Abali, Esq.

Publicity Secretary,
NBA Yenagoa Branch

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