Introducing Super Max| Artificial Intelligence Powered Legal Digest for Lawyers, Judges and Law Students

  • Leveraging new Technology to reduce your stress as a Nigerian Lawyer.

Being a lawyer is stressful, you are trained from the university and law school to read through many textbooks, cases released weekly journals, digests.

As a lawyer you have to reply written addresses, draft your own written address, read agreements, draft agreements, write petitions etc. All these require reading, reading and more reading which can be stressful.

Imagine returning to the chamber from a stressful court session and you still need to do some legal research work.

That’s where Super Max comes in. Super Max is a legal digest powered by artificial intelligence, pre loaded with over 40,000 Supreme Court/Court of Appeal Digest from inception till date, and all the cases from the English Superior Court (UKSC,EWCA, Tax Court, Intellectual Property Court)

Cases in Super Max are cited as BRILA ENERGY LIMITED v. FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA (2018) [Digest of Court of Appeal Cases] CA/L/658CA/2017

Or Digest of Supreme Court cases, NWLR citations are also available.

When you search for an authority in Super Max, our artificial intelligence legal research assistant has been trained to understand legal linguistics and terminologies and can read the authorities to you in real-time in a clear voice.

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This means you can search for Madukolu v. Nkemdilim (1962) 3 SCNLR 34; and the AI Assistant will tell you all about jurisdiction.

With Super Max you don’t have to spend all your time doing legal research you can listen to, or read thousands of authorities any day, any time.

Super Max works on Andriod and iOS devices, and PC

It is available now at a 70% promotional fee of N3,000 for 365days access. (1 year access).

For more information call us on 07083922289 or 08033308732

You can also join our WhatsApp group for users, and our adminstrators will get in touch with you.

A look at Super Max Ai on screen

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