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3 Counsel attacked by Villagers over Judgement Order Execution, ‘It was an Ugly incident’, says NBA Zaria Branch Chairman

Three counsel from the office of Excellencia Legal Consults, Zaria, were violently attacked by residents of Maganda and Kurmi villages in Zaria and Giwa Local Government Areas of Kaduna State, in a bid to enforce judgement debts.

The incident occurred last Friday.

The lawyers; Abdussalam Adda’u, A. Y. Mohammed and Yusuf S. Jaafar went with some bailiffs of High Court 1 Zaria and a team of armed policemen to execute the judgment order of the Court when the despicable incident occurred.

They were brutalised by the villagers, one of the lawyers, was left with a broken arm, while another had his car vandalised.

The injured counsel is currently receiving medical attention.

The firm says its working hard with the police to bring the perpetrators to justice, while expressing gratitude to the police led by the Area Crime Officer who acted swiftly to salvage the situation.

NBA Zaria Branch Chairman Statement

Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association,NBA, Zaria branch Mr. Yemi Adekunle unequivocally condemned the attack. He said:

” I received a late night call from the Chairman of the Young Lawyers Forum, Mr A Y Mohammed yesterday informing me of this most ugly incident which I initially nearly did not believe because it sounded strange in this age. I however placed calls on the appropriate Police quarters and confirmed the barbaric incident. “

“First, I thank God that no life is lost and commend the team for immediately evacuating our injured colleague for prompt treatment. I have been a victim of such in the past, and I have also heard of such in the past so I can properly imagine the scenario. One thing that I can assure us is that this matter will not be swept under the carpet.”

“The NBA will liaise with all persons and authorities concerned to bring the perpetrators of the heinous acts to justice. Rule of law must prevail at all times and lawlessness should not be allowed even for a second. I commend the Police officers particularly the Area crime Officer for being swift and so far professional. While I wish Mr Ja’afar Esq speedy recovery, I urge all not to take take any unlawful step(s) in redressing this situation.” Adekunle assured.

” A wrong remains a wrong and condemnable at all times and two, three or more wrongs will not make a right. Thank you all.” He concluded.

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