Legal Aid Council Kano Chapter treated 20 Cases in 1 Month


Legal Aid Council Kano chapter

The Coordinator of the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria, Kano State Chapter, Abubakar Umar, said on Tuesday that the council treated 20 cases in April and May 2018.

Speaking to media houses in Kano, Mr Umar said 17 of the 20 cases were on criminal matters, while three were civil cases.

According to Umar, the council oversaw  10 criminal matters and 10 civil cases conclusively— while others are pending in the courts.

He stated that some of the civil cases were resolved out-of-court with all fairness.

Umar said that the council’s focus was to offer free legal services and advice to indigent litigants to ensure that justice accessible to all— he advised those who could not afford to pay for such services with private legal outfits to make use of the services of the council.

He noted that a large number of the civil cases were on non-payment of pension and retirement benefits, mostly by privately-owned companies and pension fund administrators.

Land disputes, marriage and debts recovery were also on the list of cases expendiously handled by the council.

“Most of the criminal cases were on armed robbery, criminal breach of trust, homicide, rape and theft,” Mr Umar stressed.

The Coordinator, however, noted that the major challenge facing the council was lack of fund and inadequate manpower.


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