Life Bencher, Hairat Balogun Wholeheartedly Endorses Olumide Akpata for Next NBA President, Says Akpata is the ‘Kind of Candidate that Our Profession Urgently Needs at a Time Like This.’

In my almost 60 years of law practice in Nigeria, I have witnessed different types of leaders of the Nigerian Bar Association (“NBA”). I have also been privileged to watch our profession rise and unfortunately, I have also seen its decline. However, I have always kept hope alive that a time will come, possibly in my lifetime, when the institutional shortcomings that culminated in our present situation would be redressed by the right kind of leadership at the NBA. The emergence of Olumide Akpata as a frontline candidate for the NBA presidency suddenly brings that hope to bear.

In Olumide Akpata, I see the hope for the required reforms. In him, I see the chance for a compassionate and competent NBA leadership. In Olumide Akpata, I believe hope for redemption of our profession is not far-fetched. I have decided to pitch my tent where the future lies, and I dare say that the advent of that future is now! To this end, I encourage all lawyers regardless of your posturing (inner or outer bar) to support Olumide Akpata for the position of the President of the NBA.

Our collective future belongs to the younger generation.  The elders rose and shone and have left their legacies in various parts of the Profession. It is sunrise time for the younger ones, let us give them a chance with the confidence that they have learnt from the elders.

May I add that the inner and outer bar dichotomy should never be a consideration in deciding the next NBA President. The consideration in deciding the NBA president should be the candidate that possesses the credentials, the unquenchable drive and the passion for the job. I have watched Olumide Akpata closely in his almost 30 years of successful practice. Olumide is selfless and skillful in managing the affairs of men. He is the kind of candidate that our profession urgently needs at a time like this.

I Hairat Ade-Balogun wholeheartedly endorse Olumide Akpata for the position of NBA President.

Life Bencher
First Female AG of Lagos State


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