NBA to Secure National Health Insurance Coverage for Lawyers

The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Olumide Akpata has announced that his administration is on the verge of securing coverage for Nigerian lawyers with the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Disclosing this ground breaking move, Akpata said “Yesterday I led a team on a courtesy visit to the Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme, Prof Mohammed Sambo. The essence of the visit was to discuss the modalities for ensuring the registration of lawyers in the Scheme.”

“At the end of the visit, which was part of the efforts of my administration to improve the welfare & well-being of lawyers, we agreed to set up a joint committee to work out the technical details of the health insurance scheme for lawyers and also discussed other areas of mutual interest.

“We sincerely hope that scheme will drastically reduce the embarrassing situation where our lawyers have historically had to rely on GoFundMe and other public contributions to address their health challenges.” Mr. Akpata stated.

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