NBA Warri Branch Condemns the Brutal Murder of Nkiru Agbasu, Demands Arrest, Prosecution of Perpetrators

The Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Warri Branch has condemned in strong terms the recent killing of its member, Nkiru Agbasu by attackers on the highway.

The branch made this known in a statement Friday (reproduced below):

The Officers and Members of the Nigerian Bar Association, Warri Branch, have received with rude shock the gruesome murder on 16th February, 2021, of a member of the Branch, Mrs. Nkiru Agbasu(nee Ibe), which allegedly occurred along Warri – Sapele Road, Delta State.

The report, though sketchy, indicates that Mrs. Nkiru Agbasu(nee Ibe) was traveling from Warri to Sapele, Delta State, when the alleged commercial vehicle she was traveling in was attacked at gun point by unknown armed men who shot at her. This was despite her being visibly and heavily pregnant. 

Until her death, she was a Legal Practitioner in active private legal practice with the Law firm of B. N. Okpuzo & Co., Warri, and was an active member of the Nigerian Bar Association, Warri Branch.

The Branch condemns in totality the execution-style shooting of Mrs. Nkiru Agbasu(nee Ibe) who was heavily pregnant at the time of her death and states that her unwarranted murder is one attack too many, targeted at Lawyers carrying out their lawful duties. 

The Branch is worried and suspicious that, Mrs. Nkiru Agbasu(nee Ibe)might have been assassinated, as the alleged commercial vehicle where Mrs. Nkiru Agbasu(nee Ibe) was travelling in, is no where to be found and no occupant of the said vehicle can be traced.

The Branch recalls with pain, the unresolved murder, in similar fashion of Eguono Horace Dafioghor, Esq. and Samuel Eguanghanju, Esq., both members of the NBA Warri Branch and happening within the last decade. Till date, the Nigerian Security Agencies, have failed to find the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, left the investigations inconclusive, the murders unresolved and the Branch and their immediate families crying for Justice. 

The effrontery with which the perpetrators carried out the dastardly act of murder confirms the failure of Government to secure the lives and properties of citizens in Nigeria and Delta State in particular. 

In recent times, there has been an unprecedented increase in cases of murder, kidnapping, armed robbery etc, with lawful citizens at the mercy of these criminals while the Government watches helplessly.

Constitutionally, the security and welfare of the citizens remain the primary purpose of Government. Consequently, we hereby call on the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Government of Delta State and the several security agencies to rise to the occasion and fulfill their constitutional responsibilities and urgently nip the rising cases of these crimes/offences within Delta State in the bud and indeed Nigeria generally. 

The unequivocal demand of the Branch in the present murder of Mrs. Nkiru Agbasu(nee Ibe) is that, it must not go the way of the previous unresolved murders of lawyers among others in the society. We further demand for a full and comprehensive investigation into the circumstances that led to the unlawful and gruesome murder of Mrs. Nkiru Agbasu(nee Ibe)and her unborn child from the Department of State Services(DSS), Delta State, the Commissioner of Police, Delta State Command and the Area Commanders of the Nigeria Police Force of Sapele and Warri Area Commands since this illegal act took place within their jurisdictions.

This killing must not go unresolved like others before it. Enough is Enough! 

We express our heartfelt condolences to the immediate family of our murdered colleague, her friends and the grieving members of the Bar. 

May the soul of Mrs. Nkiru Agbasu(nee Ibe) rest in peace. AMEN! 

Thank you. 

Chief Emmanuel O. Uti. 

(Chairman, NBA Warri Branch)

1 thought on “NBA Warri Branch Condemns the Brutal Murder of Nkiru Agbasu, Demands Arrest, Prosecution of Perpetrators

  1. The NBA Sapele Branch Commisrates with our Warri Sister Branch on this very disturbing manner of assassination bedeviling our members Nationwide. We were battling with the desterdaly manner the former Chairman of Owerri Branch was hewed down without detecting the assailants, only to wake up to the rude shock of Nkiru’s demise.
    The irony if it all is that all the Security henchmen of Delta State supposed to be at the axis where our Colleague was shot and killed. The Commissioner of Police, Delta State and all the Area Commanders within Delta Central were in Sapele on the 16th February till about 5.30pm. The fact that the criminals operated undetected shows the porousness nature of our Security in the State. Many questions ought to be posed and answered. I think time has come for the Bar to look inwards to safeguard this avoidable occurrences. Enough is really Enough.
    S. C. Odoh Esq
    Chairman NBA Sapele Branch.

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