Ogunlana, Raminba Calls for NEC as ECNBA Postpones Elections to 29th July, 2020, Criticises Awomolo SAN’s “Unsavoury Letter”

Presidential aspirant in the forthcoming NBA 2020 elections and Convener of the Radical Agenda Movement in the Nigerian Bar Association, Ogunlana Adesina Ademola has called on the national leadership of the nigerian Bar Association to summon National Executive Committee Meeting to draw feedback from leaders of Branches to resolve the logjam that the ECNBA has entered into with the Voters’ List compilation.

In a statement issued by Ayo Ademiluyi, Secretary of Radical Agenda Movement in the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Ogunlana revealed this during a Live Video Session on his popular Facebook page.

It will be recalled that the ECNBA issued a Statement 009 where in it alluded to the challenges of compilation of the Final Voters’List as a ground for the postponement of the national elections from 24th July, 2020 to 29th July, 2020 , in order to meet up with the 30 days’ requirement by the Constitution of the Nigerian Bar Association (2015 as amended).

Mr. Ogunlana highlighted the fact that the logjam that the ECNBA has entered into, with a situation , where it is left with only 48 hours to produce the Final Voters’List confirms the positions taken by RAMINBA at the beginning of the electoral process that the NBA national body and the ECNBA cannot close its eyes to the realities of the challenges imposed by the outbreak of Coronavirus with the bearing it would have on the elections. Mr. Ogunlana contended that the ECNBA ignored the call of RAMINBA for consideration of all these factors and inclusion of late payers of the Bar Practicing Fees in the Voters’List.

Mr. Ogunlana also called for a meeting of the ECNBA with the aspirants in the elections in order to rub minds with all stakeholders in the elections and allay fears of all aspirants towards holding credible elections.

He also alerted the ECNBA to the violation of the electoral guidelines on campaigns by some Presidential aspirants without sanctions of the ECNBA. He submitted that the violation of electoral guidelines would be grounds for petition for disqualification of candidates.

He also welcomed the information of the ECNBA that there is no final list of candidates. He stated that he is expectant of favourable positive response to his appeal before the ECNBA.

In another related development, Mr. Ogunlana knocked Chief Solomon Gboyega Awomolo SAN for the unsavoury letter written to Chief T. J. O Okpoko SAN wherein he called for an urgent meeting of Past Presidents of the NBA and alerted of a ” silent but potent and powerful revolutionary move by junior colleagues, who are in their very large numbers to wrestle the office of the President from the SANs .

Mr. Ogunlana stated that Awomolo SAN’s view reflects view of leadership on the basis of status. He noted that his arguments echo genrotocracy, plutocracy and not democracy.

He submitted that the assertion that the post-crisis NBA has always had a President who are SANs is incorrect. He clarified that Lanke Odogiyan became President of the Association who succeeded the abdicated Presidency of Chief Bayo Ojo SAN in 2005.

He argued further that RAMINBA is the “revolutionary move” raised in Awomolo SAN’s letter, which is not “silent” but loud, up and growing to transfo rm the NBA into a vehicle for patriotic intervention in the national salvation of Nigeria ‘s drifting ship of state.

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