‘Olumide Akpata is a Unifying Force”- Entertainment Lawyer and Choclate City Boss, Audu Maikori Endorses Akpata as Next NBA President

Audu Maikori, Esq.

In the wake of several endorsements coming from various quarters for Olumide Akpata, Audu Maikori, foremost entertainment lawyer and co-founder and President of Chocolate City has today endorsed Olumide Akpata as next President of the NBA. He did this in series of tweets today via his Twitter handle @Audu. His tweets read:

“1. Akpata’s decision to run is a breath a fresh air. We are tired of comatose NBA presidents whose campaign promises end the day that they are elected! The NBA is currently suffering from a crisis of confidence, generally speaking.

2. As a legal practitioner with 20yrs experience and a creative industry practitioner, I have been witness to the informal segregation that exists at the Bar and the somewhat condescending impression that only litigators lawyers are “Real lawyers”.

3. I have practised in various sectors from civil litigation to criminal litigation, from land matters to oil  and gas, to constitutional matters, from power sector reforms to IP law. They all take a lot of intellectual prowess to handle- so no sector should be disrespected

4. From regulatory law to transactional advisory services, from cybercrime law to technology lawyers, e-commerce to sports, etc. There’s a huge demand for legal professionals. Where there’s a business or people – there should be lawyers to serve their needs

5. It is against this backdrop that the Olumide Akpata candidacy – the first by a core non-litigator in almost 30 years – must be seen for what it truly represents, a departure from the old way of doing things and a heartwarming move towards a unifying future.

6. Olumide Akpata is a unifying force that will bring together not just the present and outgoing generation of lawyers but, more importantly, the various components of the legal profession especially corporate counsel, lawyers in salaried employment etc, in unity!

7. Indeed, his candidacy represents a platform for transformational change. The giant strides attained by the NBA-SBL under the Chairmanship of Olumide Akpata is there for all to see. So let’s expand this for positive developments on the national level.

8. I don’t think that there is a better person to ensure that, at this time, than the Able, Knowledgeable, Proficient, Affable, Tenacious and Amiable Olumide Akpata.

9. I , Audu Maikori wholeheartedly endorse Olumide Akpata for President of the NBA! You should too!


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