Omo Osobase Iyioha, Esq: Okey Ohagba Condoles with NBA Benin Branch and Deceased’s Family

I received with shock, the horrifying news of the kidnap and eventual murder of our dear colleague, Late Osobase Omo-Iyoha.

The case of Omo-Iyoha, once again brings to fore, the tragic realities of our failed security system. Government has failed Omo-Iyoha of that duty of protecting his life and property, same way the Government have failed us repeatedly and appears overwhelmed by rising insecurity in the land; Boko haram, armed banditry, kidnapping and killer herdsmen topping the list.

Our slain colleague was a committed member of the NBA and particularly Benin branch. He will be sorely missed by the Bar.

From all storylines and emerging reports, the assailants of our late colleague are well known and allegedly notorious in atrocious acts. While I commend the Police and other security agencies for the investigation breakthrough so far, having arrested some kingpins in the barbaric act, I think it is high time our government and security agencies became more proactive than this reactive approach in policing this nation.

The perpetrators of this dastardly act must face the consequences of their evil actions. Government must wake from her slumber and take issues of security more seriously in Nigeria. There shall be no sacred cows anywhere.

While I commiserate most heartily with the grieving NBA Benin branch and late Omo-Iyoha Osobase family, I pray God to fill the vacuum his untimely demise has created, and grant them the fortitude to bear this devastating loss.

May the Soul of our departed colleague, Omo-Iyoha, rest in the bosom of the Lord… Amen.

Okey Leo Ohagba
Past NBA 1st Assistant General Secretary

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