An Open Letter to Paul Usoro SAN from Zion Ewere on Young Lawyers’ Advancement

President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Paul Usoro, SAN

Dear Paul Usoro, SAN,

It is my pleasure to write this open letter which I have deemed necessary at this time when things are straight and open, and most importantly, can be changed.

Firstly, I will like to commend your brevity so far in speaking out in a period where the Judiciary is subject to ridicule and the nightmare of the common man instead of the hope. I commend your approach to the Onnoghen saga in which many lawyers under the NBA disobeyed your directive but you stood firm with it knowing what such ineptitude could breed afterward.

The Nigerian Bar Association has made available the proposed amendment of the NBA Constitution 2015, the 2015 NBA Constitution Amendments and NBA Financial Year Change Resolution, this is another commendable respond to the long-awaited amendment. Surely this will go a long way to add value to the Bar.

However, in the midst of all steps towards ensuring the betterment and advancement of the NBA, I have discovered that there are no significant plans for the future of the bar, the young lawyers. There has been so many pressing issues and outcry of the young lawyers which I believe you were most abreast and indeed familiar with during your campaign into office.

In your pre-election reflections, you mentioned certain reforms you will do to better the system with an inclusive movement, to carry along and fully involve the young lawyers.
In the proposed amendment of the NBA Constitution 2015, I expected to see the inclusion of even one young lawyer in the NEC, or a proper provision for the welfare and protection of young Lawyers from Principals that have exalted themselves to be Alpha and omega, overworking but underpaying young lawyers whose wages are lesser or equal to peanut sizes.

These same young lawyers are to take over with little mentoring and proper upbringing which invariably may continue the cycle, denting the image and reputation with which lawyers hold themselves so highly in the society.

I write this knowing the amendment of the NBA Constitution 2015 is still a proposal and something can be done. If truly you have reflections on how to better the system with an all-inclusive mindset then effect the needed changes before the proposed bill is adopted.

This will go a long way to speak well about your administration and most of all, it will be written in the book of time to show your passion to bring the Bar to its expected height.

Long live the Nigerian Bar Association.

Yours Faithfully,
Zion Ewere, Esq.

Ewere is an Abuja based lawyer and public affairs analyst. He is currently undergoing further studies in the United Arab Emirates.

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