Our Senator’s One Year in Office and His Strategic Plans: A Wake Up Call by Salis M. Sabo

Salis M. Sabo

While congratulating the distinguished Senator Mohammed Sani Musa on his one year in office as a Senator representing Niger-East Senatorial District, I want to believe that the purpose of the celebration is to assess and analize the journey thus far and this piece is just to that end.

It’s no more a song for praise singers that you are one of the most busy Senator in the Red Chamber with uncommon dedication to your primary function (law making), but also a glaring fact even to the naysayers. Within one year you have sponsored 11 Bills which has earned you recognition for being among the top 5 Senators with highest bills.

And this actually prompted my question: To what end does the said recognition impact on your constituents?

While I recognize the importance of sponsoring bills to a law maker. Also Looking at the impact of some of these bills if passed through especially those seeking for Establishments within the senatorial district( Teaching Hospital Development Tax Fund (Est. etc.) Bill, 2019. Federal Medical Centre Kuta, Niger State (Est. etc.) Bill, 2019. Nigerian Civil Defence Academy Pandogari (Est. etc.) Bill, 2019. Federal Orthopedic Hospital Kuta (Est. etc.) Bill, 2019. Institute of Information Communication Technology Suleja (Est. etc.) Bill, 2020.) one could readily conclude that they are timely and people centered.

However, I still want to maintain that it’s important to note that how we do things we do matters a lot and that quantity has never been equal to quality. It is in this vein I put it forward that the distinguished Senator has being more fanciful aimed at public recognition in discharging his primary functions as a Legislator than the real people’s impact (I may be wrong though).

When the Strategic Actions Plans was loudly made bare having nationally revered dignitaries in attendance and the resources spent just to severe the umbilical cord of the Strategic Action Plans; I thought of that event as one which may birth new glimmer of hope with logical and purposeful representation than being mere ceremonial. Alas! This was just my solitary thought!

Distinguished Senator, we expect excellent organization, track coherence and unmatched logic in discharging your duty. Some of these bills are rather at this material time clog in the wheel of true development. This is because the energy you ought to exert on some few but impactful bills are now splitted into relics which invariably had negatively affected the transitional progress of some of these bills. The fact that some of these bills are lying fallowed begging for second reading and others withdrawn (National Land Drainage Bill, 2019) corroborate and lend more credence to my assertion.

Therefore, it will suffice to describe the Senator’s handling of his primary duties as being too much motion but too little speed.

A simple look at your Strategic Actions Plans on viable Employment Opportunities published by Niger State Media News24 on 22nd of July 2019. I quote “I will be in the forefront in pursuing vigorously for the provision of employment benefits for those who are without job and the establishment of sustainable skills acquisition centers for those who are without formal education”.

Distinguished Senator, we do not even demand for establishment of such centers but a periodical skills acquisition programs to empower our teaming youths will do as exemplified by our Member House of Representatives.

It been one year in office we are yet to witness a true impactful testimony of the beneficiaries of any skills acquisition programs no matter how little. Perhaps the constituency allowances were spent on the appointment of liaison officers that do not even know or at best can tell little about their employer let alone liaise people with him. I have also heard people in celebration of your one year in office mentioning the donated ambulance to Juma’at Mosque Paiko as a recorded achievement.

Distinguished Senator I believe you can do better than this especially when I remember the number of buses you donated just to support Mr. President’s second term bid.

In your Strategic Actions Plans on quality education published by Sani Musa313 Campaign Team on the 21st of July 2019. After declaring that Education shall be your priority, you had this to say and i quote “as a once proactive student, in have worked for affordable, quality and accessable education. I have pushed for students right and welfare. I intend to pursue these goals as Senator”

One year in office, your contituents still wait to feel the pursuit of these goals as they revolve around the education sector. With pledged reliance of priority on Education Sector and as ardent advocate of students rights and welfare as you want us to believe; we were confident that educational support programs that were put in place by your predecessors would be maintained and even improved. It was shocking how some scholarship schemes left behind for students are bastardized without any pragmatic effort to make replacement; rather you conceived those programs as misplacement of priority and abrogation to your obligations. (The embarrassing statement against the Coalition of Niger-East Law School Students within as it relates to the scholarship privileges is still glaring in the mind of Niger-East Law Students).

While commending you on your systematic efforts to halt insecurity in our senatorial district, I still feel more can be done. It has been only a year, you have more time to re-strategize for better representation. It’s said a stitch in time saves nine. You can make hay while sun still shines. And if I must give my unsolicited advice to you, you must not undermine the strength of your constituents no matter how far you feel you have gone.

Therefore, your actions and words towards them must be carefully chewed.

May Allah give you the needed wisdom to represent us better. Congratulations!

©Salis M. Sabo
Coordinator Coalition of Niger-East Law Students.
Coordinator Coalition of Niger State Law School Students.

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