Payment of Court Fees in Gombe State: Where is the Ease of Doing Business? by Ibrahim M. Attahir, Esq.

I want to believe that the leadership of NBA [ Nigerian Bar Association] Gombe Branch are not aware of the difficulties in paying court fees currently in the State. If they are aware, they should approach the management of GMSJ to intimate them about the issue. I also believe that those Ogas [bosses] at the top of the Judiciary may not be aware of the difficulties associated with obtaining receipts before filing court processes.

If they are aware, they should take urgent measures to address the issue Nobody is against the measures being taken to block leakages in revenue generation. But the measures should have human face. Making thinks difficult in the path of the citizens that want to approach courts for judicial remedy can be counterproductive . People will resort to extra-judicial means and there are many of them.

Another negative consequence is where lawyers and litigants come for filing from outside jurisdiction and have the frustrating experience. We go to other jurisdictions and see how they organize their work. If it will take a whole day of shuttling between the High Court, treasury, Banks, treasury and back to courts, by then we have woefully failed the test of ease of doing business.

Agencies of government now try to create one-stop platform.

Let me stop here.


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