Pearls for Success in Legal Practice in 2021 by Dr. Raphael Christopher

Pearl One

Legal Research

Legal research is the foundation of any strong, watertight case. I define it as an activity sourcing, identifying and gathering reliable and relevant facts and information from a variety of sources for the purpose of legally supporting or strengthening any client’s case, argument, brief, legal document or contract.

I believe from experience that a Lawyer’s strength does not just lie in their knowledge of law, but in their ability to find the relevant sections, facts and information through legal research and bring it through a process of appropriate interpretation to strengthen their client’s case, arguments and briefs.

May I encourage you to major in legal research and you will surely gain greater professional reputation, experience greater success in your practice and win many more lucrative briefs and by the way, don’t forget to give back to society by doing more pro bono cases and helping the less privileged.

Dr. Raphael Christopher is a senior member of Enugu Bar.
8th January 2021


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