Protecting Your WhatsApp Account, Platform against Invasion from Hackers by Douglas Ogbankwa, Esq.

Nigeria hackers are on the prowl again and I tell you, this time they are working with swift efficiency.

When you are in a WhatsApp group and you see someone’s security code change, it most likely means that his or her WhatsApp number has just been hacked. You should reach the person privately (by a phone call ) to ascertain whether or not he or she actually changed his WhatsApp number’s security code.
If the answer is in the negative, remove him or her immediately from the group until he or she secures his Platform. This is for the Safety of all other Members on the Group.

If you do not do so, you will suddenly see that the number has been changed to the hacker’s WhatsApp number.

That means the hacker has substituted the person’s WhatsApp number with his own. Then the person will begin to send scam messages to the Group and he can even access other members’ WhatsApp number without a out security features and also for the purpose of sending scam messages and fake news .

The hacker can also send private chats to your loved ones asking for help or requesting for money as if you are the one requesting for same. The victim in this scenario may have compromised his or her WhatsApp account by inputing the code the hacker gave to him or her on his security feature,which the person if not smart will now, use in helping the hacker hack his Whatssap account ,then he or she will no longer have control over the account.

The Hacker can also use your account to spread fake news that may have national security implications and put you in jeopardy or in legal harm’s way. Administrators of Whatssap Groups should always check their groups intermittently to ascertain the security and sanctity of same or they can be vicariously liable for any criminality perpetuated by hackers on their group according to the Cyber Crime Act .

In this light, do not respond to messages for you to put a code in your whatsApp account security feature or reveal your security code to any one .

When You start seeing bogus investments plans with credit alert extracts in your group the hacker has hacked a member’s WhatsApp Account and the number must removed immediately.

If your Account has been hacked, google the contact detailsof WhatsApp Inc. in America and report same and they will help you retrieve your account.

In view of this development, I strongly admonish you to follow the following procedure to secure your Whatssyap account:

Go to the icons on the right hand side of your Whatssap Home page ;

Then select Settings on your WhatsApp Icons and Click on Account.

Click on the Two step verification prompt and enter your 6 digit pin, a pin you can remember and Confirm your pin. For ertainty of purpose, use a Pin you are used to. Better to use a syncronised but secure pin for all your online transactions.

Input your email address that is a valid one and then confirm your email.

Then save, that is all. It is so simple ,
but if you do not do it, the consequences are dire!

If someone wants to change your whatsApp number, WhatsApp will ask for the Two-step verification process and without it the account security feature will not be activated and so the account will not open.

Since the hunters have learnt to shoot without missing, you should learn to fly without perching.

Take this precaution today.

Good luck

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  1. Leleghidiwei C. Tari

    Thanks it worked but how do l do same (the 2 factor authentication ) for a whatsap group because I can’t find settings

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