Reply to “NBA Elections 2020: My Take away from the Facebook Polls by Favour Njoku Esq”

As an organization focused on campaigning for the reinvigoration of the Bar, the Radical Agenda Movement in the Nigerian Bar Association, on whose platform, Mr. Ogunlana Adesina Ademola is running for the Presidency of the Nigerian Bar Association, would naturally avoid joining issues with one Favour Njoku Esq, whose article , ” NBA Elections 2020: My Take away From The Facebook Polls by Favour Njoku Esq” is trending online and particularly on “Barrister.Ng”.

The article is not only full of outright falsehood but also unbecoming of the professional calling of the writer, if truly she is a lawyer.

Commenting on Mr. Ogunlana’s presidential campaign, the writer stated:

“…The proponent of #RadicalBar came last in the poll as expected as he lacks the reach, appeal and support base compared to other candidates.
Seen by many voters as not a serious contender but merely running to split the vote of other candidates. Surprisingly, some folks are already pushing this agenda against him as records from the FB polls showed him voting for a fellow candidate”.

For starters, Favour Njoku’s article was written to purportedly examine the “takeaways” from the Online Facebook Poll conducted by Steve Sun, Administrator of the ” Nigerian Bar Association Members” Facebook Group.

As against the assertion of Favour Njoku Esq. , Mr. Ogunlana did not vote in the Online Facebook Poll , either for himself or for any other candidate. It is curious that Favour Njoku Esq. did not mention the presidential candidate which Mr. Ogunlana allegedly voted for. It is simply a shameless invention of hers , which she has masqueraded as facts to run down Mr. Ogunlana .

If this fiction writer can provide any “proof” of the alleged voting, it will only prove that the so-called Poll was subject to manipualtion , which is to produce pre-determined results.

It is a wonder how Favour Njoku Esq came to conclude that “…the proponent of #RadicalBar came last in the poll as expected as he lacks the reach, appeal and support base compared to other candidates”. It is amazing that a supposed lawyer can make assertion in the absence of proof.

As for us in the Radical Agenda Movement in the Nigerian Bar Association, we do not view the Online Facebook Poll as one to lose sleep about as elections are won on the field other than in the figment of Facebook Poll makers. It is in this wise that we do not view our strength from the reflection of the Online Facebook Poll, wherein the outcomes portend that Mr. Ogunlana has the lowest vote with 23 votes.

Right from the start, we are clear that we are in the presidential race to provide a credible and attractive alternative to the USUAL AGENDA, which surface bienially .

Those who are glorifying of themselves and their candidates in the “super poll” can continue to indulge themselves. We do not need any gratutious advice from hatchet writers , presenting themselves as “analysts” and “commentators”.

Commenting further in her article, Favour Njoku Esq wrote:

“Mr. Ogunlana needs to improve on his media presence, prove his innocence in his criminal trial and show that he is in the race to win and not to split any candidate’s vote or provide a distraction from his criminal trial”

Njoku is asking Mr. Ogunlana to prove his innocence in an ongoing criminal trial, is that our law? She has only exposed her paucity of legal knowledge and wrote more like a ” carpenter “. We take the allegation of ” distraction of criminal trial” as a backhand compliment from supporters of intimidated opponents of our enlightenment efforts on the field.

RAMINBA will not be distracted from the ranting conjurations and smear campaigns of the likes of Favour Njoku .

Secretary , Radical Agenda Movement in the Nigerian Bar Association and Director of Media, Strategy, Publicity and Communications of #RadicalBar2020


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