Surulere Lawyers Forum Monthly Meeting: Goodwill Message by Safiya Balarabe

Safiya Balarabe, Esq.

Safiya Balarabe has sent a goodwill message to the Surulere Lawyers Forum on account of their monthly meeting billed to hold today, 18th May, 2022 at 3pm. Her message reads below:

“I bring good tidings to you, the leadership and members of the Surulere Lawyers Forum as you conduct your monthly meeting today with the KSS topic: “The Business of Intellectual Practice in Nigeria”.

It is my prayer that as you conduct today’s meeting, there shall emanate therefrom robust resourcefulness from the deliberation, resolutions and the KSS.

Thank you and God bless”

Safiya Balarabe,
Treasurer, NBA Women Forum


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