The Employment Law Handbook with over 150 Decided Cases and Legal Opinions

In The Employment Law Handbook, Jamiu Akolade offers compendiums of information on Nigeria’s employment law. The book is aptly designed to be easily consulted and provides quick answers on relevant laws governing the Nigerian labour and employment sector.

The heart of ‘The Employment Law Handbook’ by Jamiu Akolade is to serve as an improved and contemporary reference material for both labour practitioners, judges, students and all those seeking to possess a thorough understanding of labour law practice.

One-time President of the Nigerian Bar Association and former Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Bayo Ojo, SAN, describes the book as insightful. He said ‘This insightful book coming from someone who demonstrates a commendable solid knowledge of the subject, is lucidly written, free of the usual technical jargons and presented in an easy to read language. It is a great, lively, vigorous, engaging and stimulating book, that is recommended for reading by all class of people including experts, and the general public who seeks a handy reference material and a rudimentary understanding of the elements of labour laws’.

According to a review by Mrs. Funke Agbor, SAN, a Senior Partner at ACAS, ‘this is truly an employment practitioner’s handbook. It is rich in content and explores every and any aspect of employment you can imagine. It’s a practitioner’s trove of information on the various elements of employment law and a human resource managers’ go-to book in respect to domestic and International employment under Nigerian law, supported with case law and employment law principles.”

Akolade’s The Employment Law Handbook is a tour de force. Throughout the book, Akolade displays a simple, yet in-depth coverage of the scope of employment relations, compensation, benefits and dispute resolution.

The book possesses a synopsis of 16 employment and labour law legislation, commonly used as precedents in employment law, and as a bonus, the book contains a wide range of opinions from the Employment and Labour Lawyer’s Association of Nigeria (ELLAN) on 10 frequently asked questions on the impact of Covid-19 on employment contracts.

Other features of The Employment Law Handbook are; over 300 pages of employment law knowledge and resources, over 60 legal opinions, together with over 150 Judicial authorities on frequently asked questions on labour and employment law.

The book is N 15,000 only.

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