The Next Election is a Call to Your Conscience– Calgary Based Nigerian Lawyer Speaks, Endorses Olumide Akpata for Next NBA President

Edos Omorotiomwan, Esq.

I worked with Olumide Akpata at Templars for so many years and I can testify to the fact that he is exemplary. He is not just a go getter, he actually sits to listen. Olumide will listen to your concerns and address those concerns as best as he can. He does not discriminate between men and women or the background you are coming from. No man can resolve all of NBA’s numerous problems at a go, but Olumide will do a good job – no sentiments.

You only need to get close to Olumide to know that he will prefer to address the concerns of our lawyers than line up his pocket. I have attended meetings with him both within and outside Nigeria and you just need to sit with him to understand his sentiments on issues. I recall on one trip to Florence, Italy he hired a cab and told him to drive us through the town. While sightseeing Florence, he told me that this is what he likes to do – if he goes into any place, he seeks to know how the place is run and what he can learn from it. Trust me, Olumide has observed the operations of the NBA and he will do his best. And his best? I believe that his best will move the Nigerian Bar Association miles apart in a positive direction compared to where it is right now.

The next election is a call to your conscience on how you want the NBA to look- that choice is yours.

I am not a politician, but for this election, we are happy that voting will be online and that more lawyers will have the opportunity to vote. We are all ready to do our bit. God bless you all.

Edos Omorotiomwan, a former employee at Templars now practices in Calgary, Canada.


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