Thieves in the House of God by Douglas Ogbankwa

I love God and I can say this with all equanimity and sense of purpose. What I abhor is using God as a tool of trade, deceit and debauchery.

I wish to state unequivocally that there exist quite a lot of Clergy that follow the tenets of the Bible, and are practically leading quite a lot in Christ.

There are however another lot, whose conduct is a disgrace to our Christian Race, who preach about Heaven but want to acquire the whole Earth, who sleep with young girls even when they themselves are married ,and even at times peoples’ wives.

There are another lot who are thieves in the House of God, who sell water, handkerchief, olive oil, and wait for this ,offering envelops!

Whose source of power and clairvoyance is questionable due to their conduct and the rites they perform in their churches.

I am this blunt because you can not claim to be an Anointed and you are doing harm to the Body of Christ.
So the Bible actually says ” Touch not my anointed and do my Prophet no harm “.
But if by conduct a Clergy shows that he is not of God he should be treated as such .

Religion is the biggest problem of the Nigerian Poor. It takes their mind some times from reality and leave them in sure reality and Eldorado .
Do not get me wrong, the reality of faith and the supernatural subsists. Some thieves with doubtful spiritual origin are however taking advantage of it to fleece and milk innocent Nigerians, especially the Poor.

Enough of these deceits we as Christians must open our eyes and question questionable calls by some of these Clergy ,whose conducts are obnoxious and where we have evidence of misdemeanors or reprehensible conducts that are against the Teachings of Christ ,we must name and shame them.

The Bible tells us to beware of false prophets, who in the name of Jesus will cast out demons and see visions, but who are not of Him!

I call for a regulation of activities of Churches to stem fraud and decadence. We can not continue like this. Let Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), set up a Regulatory and Disciplinary Committee, like NBA and NMA did. Let Pastors deal with issues of life– they should not be left unregulated or else society will be worse off.

This is not about regulating God. This Structure exists in developed societies and these Pastors conform to financial discipline and corporate governance regulations in those Societies. Why should ours be different, or is the God in America different from the God in Nigeria?

The Church should take welfare of their Members Paramount. Church Money should not be controlled by Pastor and his Wife. A Church is an Incorporated Trustee: Every Registered Member has a say in the running of the Church and a Member according to the Law has an equal stake in the Church as the Pastor or his Family.

So, we should stop the practice that when a Pastor wants to buy car, sometimes when he has cars he is not using , Members donate and when a Member is about to embark on a Surgery or has incurred Bill in the Hospital , Members will be asked by the same Pastor to pray for him !

Our Lord Jesus Christ fed 5000 hungry people in the Bible perhaps, now it is 5000 hungry people that feed Pastors.

An anecdote for change. This Earth is not actually our own , we will all account one day .
The Bible says Judgement will start from the Church. Pastors should stop the “Can a Man rob God ” cliche .That is not the only verse in the Bible.

The Bible says “When you give to the Poor you lend to God” when last did your Pastor preach that ?
Christians should serve God in truth and in Spirit No man can lead you to God. You have direct assess to God. We are all children of God. No one is a super Child. Sometimes the concept of “Servant of God ” is a format to thievery.

I however agree there are true Servants of God but you are not a grand children of God. Will you go to your biological father , through some one else ?

Men and Women of God are Primus Interpares, first among equals. In fact ,the Company and Allied Matters Act,Cap C20,LFN ,2004, which establishes Churches, Mosques and other NGOs, provides that a Pastor whether being a Trustee or not can be suspended and even expelled.

By the Law, your Church Account should be audited every year and audit reports given to Members. When has that happened in your Church?

Let me not say more ,lest I open a ” CAN” of worms!

This is not Daddy Freeze will Freeze, this is the Law and reality.

Pause and Ponder.

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