June 14, 2024

2022 CALL BAR: NACO Logistics Ltd Publishes Full Hotel Catalogue

There are a lot of reasons for planning your trip in advance with NACO Logistics Ltd. You can avoid a number of last minute glitches and delays if you are prepared beforehand for them. Here are top reasons to book your hotel with us.

  1. No last minute hassles of searching for rooms
  2. Get the best deals on your hotel rooms
  3. Booking hotels before venturing out gives more flexibility on travel
  4. Check for rates over a few weeks and book when you get the best deal
  5. Get a better choice of rooms
  6. Plan your trip budget accordingly
  7. Inform the hotel about special needs or requests well in advance

For Reservation/Enquiry, Call/WhatsApp: 08069206814, 08072200774

Payment Information

All payments should be made to NACO LOGISTICS with the account details below:
0422942749 (Guaranty Trust Bank) NACO LOGISTICS LTD.
Contact details: 08069206814, 08072200774


Visit our website to search a comprehensive list of hotels that suits your budget. Get instant confirmation on all booking.

Happy Call to Bar!

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