June 9, 2023

A Guide to E-filing at the Tax Appeal Tribunal [Download Manual]

The adoption of e-filing by the Tax Appeal Tribunal has brought about increased flexibility and is a lot more convenient for counsel since cases can now be filed from the comfort of our workspaces at anytime.

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Below is a guide on how to use the portal.

1.To visit the e-filing portal, open any of your preferred browser and enter this url link https://etat.ng.

Upon successful page loading, the above picture would be displayed to you. This is called a landing page. At this juncture, you can click on Sign-Up as new user or you click on Login if you have already registered.

For – Sign-up Page upon the click of Sign-up, this page will load showing the form of the image shown below, as a first timer, you are requested to fill all the forms with genuine information as some information will remain permanent.

After filing all the information, and you are satisfied that the above information is true to the best of your knowledge, then hit the Create Account button.

On successful loading, the below message would be displayed for the user showing registration successful with the option to login

On successful registration, the system will validate the email supplied during the registration, same reason you need to supply functional email address. You will receive an email containing the username and to login to the portal.

Login page- counsel is expected to log in username and password with the notification received as seen above in their e-mail inbox or spam.

On successful login, the below page will be displayed showing login successful.

As a user you are expected to click on the CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE Button to proceed.

Then the below landing page will be displayed for the user to perform the function of the

The page encourages you to change your password to any password of your choice to something you can remember at any possible time you want to login.

To file new Matter, you only need to click on File New Matter by  Filling all the columns, select from drop-down where  necessary and upload a PDF le of your process you intend to  start the MATTER with as other processes could be led later  under the ADD PROCESS then hit the SUBMIT button 

After successful processing of the registration page, an  automated email address would be sent to the appellant email  address counsel or representative supplied. 

Matters Awaiting Approval: After the above is successfully  submitted, the list of the matter registered awaiting approval will  display and the automated email notification would have been  received by the filer through the email address supplied when filing a matter. 

The essence of the email is of utmost important, that is the only  channel the tribunal would be communicating with the  applicant/appellant on the further status of the matter in  discussed. 

This is a stage where the Tribunal staff in charge of the registry  would need to perform necessary action by APPROVING the pending matter to pay the necessary fees. 

Registry Section 

Registrar’s dashboard 

On successful login, the above image shows the segment for the  registry section to perform the necessary update on all the  matter(s) filed. 

After clicking on the Authorize to pay, the below information would be displayed, giving a clear picture and information  about the file being authorize to pay. 

The selection of cost to pay has been programmed, registrar is expected to select from drop-down list and the expected price  would be displayed. 

After clicking on Authorized to pay above the below will display,  then click on select cost to pay to get the cost of the subject filed which is the cost of filing then select if its service within jurisdiction or service outside jurisdiction or no fee attached and finally click on Approve and recommend payment. Then a mail will be sent to  your email or spam.

The sample of the email automatedly received by the filer to  notify the counsel/representative filer conveying the approval of  the tribunal commissioner for oath approval after assessing the  process filed to proceed for payment. 

From the email, a link to make payment directly to the purse of  the Tribunal via REMITA is contained for user to click. On Successful click, the link showing the below image would be  displayed. The payee is expected to supply necessary information and make the payment according with exact amount specified. 

On successful payment, the payee is expected to download the  receipt in pdf format and store the generated RRR code that  would be submitted for validation. 

When user’s click on the approved for payment link, it will  display all the matter fled whose approval has been given to  submit payment evidence. 

On the button click, the user’s is expected to peruse the file  again and attached the downloaded pdf receipt and insert the  generated RRR code from the REMITA and upload same and  click SUBMIT. 

On successful submission, an automated notification email  address would be sent to the filer and the division of the  tribunal handling the case file. registration. 

After payment has been submitted, the only thing remaining  for the registrar to do is to confirm the payment and see if its  okay then click on Assign SUIT-No, they below message would display. 

The payment details displayed and the registrar just need to hit the ASSIGN SUIT NO NOW 

On successful page loading, the applicant will receive  automated email notification via the registered email about the  SUIT-NO generated on the matter filed. 

Upon successful login to the applicant’s section, the matter would now be listed on the ALL CASES REGISTERED. 

On a click on any of the suit-no displayed above, the next  page shows the information contained in the suit 

The above image shows all the processes filed under any selected SUIT-NO 


Upon click on the PROCESS from the Dashboard by the left  hand-side, the below information would be displayed.

From the PROCESS tab, user can have access to Add Process, View pending Process application, the Process that has been  approved for payment, the process list of those that had been  paid and the link to view all the process(es) filed. 

The user is expected to attach the process to be filed, and select  the suit-no to file the process under and fill other necessary information via drop-down. 

The same process of filing for matter is the same way for doing  for PROCESS. After submission, automated email message as  interaction between the filer and the registrar is also available. The user can know the status of his/her process at any convenient  zone. 


The user can change his/her password at any time, with the  option that the current password must tally with the record on  the database. 

The application will validate the supplied password and check if the new password and confirm password are the same, else  it won’t be successful. 


From the above picture, user’s can see all the matter extended to it by the registrar as a result of being a defendant or an  interested party.  

Then subsequent process can be filed and exchanged. LOGOUT 

Upon the click of the Logout, all transactions will come to an end. 


From the main portal, one will see a link underneath below, written secretary and click. 

Upon a click on the Secretary login, the picture below will show for the approved users to provide login details.  

After inserting correct details, the below information displayed for user to perform necessary updates on the processed filed. 

Dashboard – containing total number of cases registered and performance indicator. 

It is the sole responsibility of the Secretary to assign the registered matters to the respective commissioners for hearing. On the dashboard, we have General Menu and Extra Menu General Menu consist of new cases for assignment, assigned list  and re-assigned matter 

Extra Menu consist of judgement’s portal, My Email (webmail),  Change Password and log out 

Upon the click of new cases for assignment the picture below  indicates the columns for serial number, date, division, suit  number, parties and process  

Upon the click of assigned cases above pops up the picture  below 

Assigned cases the picture above displays the date cases are  assigned, suit number of the cases, panel of Judges handling the  matter, division and status of the cases assigned. 

Upon the click Reassign Matter on the dashboard displays the  picture below 

Reassign Matter contains date cases are reassigned, the case suit number, panel of judges and status of the matter 


From the main portal, one will see a link underneath below, written secretary and click. 

Upon a click on the Secretary login, the picture below will show for the approved users to provide login details.  

On after inserting correct details, the below information  displayed for user to perform necessary updates on the  processed filed. 

The above picture shows the landing page upon successful  login. 

On the Dashboard – containing total number of cases  registered and performance indicator. 

On the dashboard, we have General Menu and Extra Menu

General Menu consist of My Assigned Cases, and Update Matter  Status. 

Extra Menu consists of judgement’s portal, My Email (webmail), Change Password and log out 

Upon the click of My Assigned Cases the picture below indicates  the columns for serial number, date, division, suit number,  parties and process  

The commissioner can view all the assigned cases on his/her  docket, and can also search by case category and the year of  assigned for easy filter. 

To view all the process(es) contained in a matter, one needs to  click on the suit-no and all the approved processes led would  be displayed in pdf format for commissioner and this would help  in timely dispensation of justice. 

We can see from the above picture that he main processes filed, party name and details of the processes filed were on display. 

On the click of the update Matter Status, these attributes would display the position of matter at any point in time and what chairman of the panel has the power to do.

Download Manual

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