December 2, 2023

A Report of the Success Recorded in the Just Concluded South South LAWSAN Zonal Convention 2022

The Law Students Association of Nigeria(LAWSAN) is the umbrella body for the over 70,000 law students schooling in Nigeria. The South South Directorate of Programs, Policies and Projects(DOPPP) is the zonal body which is primarily responsible for enunciating and initiating programs and projects in furtherance of the underlying objectives of our Association for law students based in the South-South geopolitical zone.

On the 4th of August 2022, the South South DOPPP held the second edition of its zonal convention which is tagged THE CONVERGENCE 2.0 in the oil rich city of Delta State, in Asaba. It was a three days program with plans all set afoot to make it a success. This objective was later realized in the long run with different complimentary remarks and comments made by delegates who attended the convention.

The first day of the convention was the arrival day which witnessed all chapters’ delegates arriving safely with high expectations and with beaming smiles to the hotel booked and reserved for accommodation of the delegates. The hotel earmarked and made use of, for accommodation is a five-star hostel situated in Asaba, Delta State. All facilities in the hotel were all functioning with no complaints lodged by any delegates as to any problems faced during the course of the lodging and stay in the hotel. On the first day, an All-White party was held by the evening period for the delegates. The party was well attended by the delegates as it was a moment to chill and forget about the stress connected with the travels everyone made earlier in the day. It was also a time the delegates were able to make new friends, build new connections and further every existing cordial relationship. Every delegate was elated and ecstatic during the party. The level of the euphoria recorded was unparalleled and immeasurable. Everyone was caught in the webs of merrymaking and it was indeed the best time to kick start the convention with a sound and joyous mind.

The second day being the 5th of August was the climax of the events held during the convention. A symposium was held for the delegates with sound and great speakers invited to grace the occasion. Among the speakers for the symposium was the Honourable Attorney General of Delta State and a number of other great speakers. The delegates were blessed and enjoyed the privilege of being acquainted with what the law field really entails. The speakers enlightened, educated and broadened the mind of the listeners(delegates) on various areas of law and proffered sound answers to series of questions asked by the delegates. Later in the day, a Moot/Mock Competition in the Court of Appeal, Asaba was held with the students counsels from the respective qualifying schools canvassing and reeling out their arguments profusely in the court just like what is in existence in the real life court in the legal profession itself. In the evening, an Afri-Night program was held. It was a cultural program as the delegates were dressed in their different cultural attires representing different tribes in the country. The cultural program was geared at furthering the relationships existing among the tribes in the country and upholding the tenet of the unity in diversity which is the bedrock upon which the nation has found its resting place.

The third day of the convention being the 6th of August was the final day for the events held during the convention. There was a workout session in the morning which was also well attended by the delegates as it was a fitness purpose driven program where the students carried out different exercises. During the day, a picnic program was held at the Vinmilan Resort, Asaba. It was such an interesting time for the delegates to enjoy and catch every necessary fun. In the evening, the most anticipated event was held – Grand Dinner/Award Night. This event serves as the main highlight of the convention as it was well attended by the delegates, dignitaries and many others invited personalities that graced the occasion. It was a classic one and it ended on a good note wrapping up the entire activities in the convention.

The fourth day, being the 7th of August was the departure day as every delegates from their various and respective chapters all journeyed down to their various states with hearts all full of joy as they recollected the good memories the convention has brought.



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  1. Prosper have always been a goal achiever.. You are a leader par excellence. Greater height bro to you and your team.

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