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An Address by the National President of LAWSAN Blessing A. Agbomhere

1.On behalf of the new National Executive Council of our great Association LAWSAN, I would like to send out a note of appreciation, gratitude, admiration and thanks to each and every member of LAWSAN for the outstanding and overwhelming support given to us through the ballot. To this extent, I succinctly thank most especially the Chapters Presidents of various Faculties of LAWSAN Assure you all that this trust is sacrosanct, it is in safe hands and we will deliver on it to the benefit and satisfaction of all Lawsuits.I use this medium to thank our Mentors, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo SAN. Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Abubakar Malami SAN, the Honourable Attorney General of the Federation for their mentorship and support to LAWSAN. I also appreciate the past leadership of LAWSAN. ably piloted by notable leaders among whom are Dayi Osijo, Atiku Mohammed Jafar and Sen. Emmanuel Nwobodo for bequeathing to us a legacy of hope, hope for the protection of the rule of law and good governance, for societal development and public good.

2. To the critics, you are the salt of the earth and your right to criticize constructively is guaranteed under Section 39 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended). Criticism is the beauty of democracy, however, the freedom of expression and criticism becomes limited when it begins to encroach on the right to dignity of the human person, right to fair hearing, right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and right to freedom from discrimination as provided by Sections 34, 36, 38 and 42 of the Constitution.

3. As Law Students, the Constitution, the Criminal Code, the Penal Code, the Code of Conduct for Legal Practitioners, the Cybercrimes Act and the LAWSAN Constitution 2020 should guide our conduct, and not sentiments of electoral defeat, and religious and ethnic inclination.

4. LAWSAN and the welfare of all Lawsanites must come first in our aspiration and prayers. Those who truly love LAWSAN and Lawsanites will not destroy the hard earned reputation and image of the Association they aspired to lead because they were not given opportunity to serve at the apex, there are still opportunities to serve at the root and body. Let us be properly guided.

5. We wish to emphasize that LAWSAN is a National Family with one mission and one common destiny. No one man’s unsuccessful ambition is enough to cause disunity in LAWSAN. No school is breaking away from LAWSAN. I enjoin all Lawsanites, well-wishers and the general public to dismiss and disregard all the lies, blackmail and petitions that have been lying around the Nation as a pot-pouri cooked by mischief makers to distract this Administration from achieving its vision for all members of the Association.

6. We must hit the ground running with the vision of moving higher together. Our mission is to ensure the welfare of all Lawsanites in all Law Faculties of Nigerian Universities, empowerment of law students through local and foreign internships, training and workshops, engagement of law students in community service, human, environmental rights and good governance advocacy as well as the defense of the Rule of Law.

7. To this mission, we are loyal and committed. We all have a duty to unite ourselves, train ourselves and position ourselves to take over the leadership of our Nation for the good of all citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

8. To further demonstrate my commitment, on behalf of members of the NEC, I donate the sum of Five Million Naira (N 5, 000, 000) towards actualizing the vision of this administration.

9. I urge all Lawsanites, our families, well-wishers and the general public to support LAWSAN morally and financially to achieve its set goals. Thank you. God bless LAWSAN, God bless NIGERIA

Dr. Blessing A. Agbomhere ACArb., National President

Law Students’ Association of Nigeria.

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