December 2, 2023

APGA Congratulates the Chief Justice of Nigeria Hon. Justice Ibrahim Tanko Mohammad for Upholding the Rule of Law


The National Chairman of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) Chief Dr Victor Ike Oye Ozomkpu applauds the Chief Justice of Nigeria , Justice Ibrahim Tanko Mohammad for his moxie in aptly conserving Nigerian constitution and judiciary which was at the brinks or verge of collapse due to the indiscriminate frivolous litigations initiated and persuaded by unscrupulous politicians.

Oye commended the Chief Justice for his prompt intervention and restriction.of such professional aberrations, and disdain impunity.
The absolute disregard and abuse of court processes and the rule of law became the order of the day but for his timely intervention, Oye pleads that this level of even playground be extended or replicated in all judicial institutions in the country irrespective of parties position or affinity, for justice, equity and fairness to prevail.
Dr Oye expresses implicit confidence in the judiciary and the chief justice of Nigeria.
In a press statement signed by the National Publicity Secretary of APGA Barrister Tex Okechukwu the party expressed with great joy and resounding confidence in the intrepid and courage of the chief justice of Nigeria by taking the bull by the horns in wading into the indiscriminate and unguarded conflicting judicial orders and judgements rolled out by various courts of 6 states in the federation.

Hon Justice Ibrahim Tanko Mohammad consequently summoned the chief judges of the 6 states where these judicial recklessness were condoned and admonished them not to be complacent but to cautiously continue to foresee to the upholding of the constitution of the federal republic Nigeria and the sincere application of the rule of law in their various states as that is the bedrock of democracy.
The egregious legal practitioners were not left out, as they are expected to sincerely uphold and apply the provisions of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and equally observe the rule of law without blemishes.
More also they are officers in temple of justice therefore are expected to practice their profession as people acquised with the rule of law, professional conducts and practice procedures and should discharge their duties with absolute decorum and unfettered integrity as learned gentlemen.

Unfortunately some mischievous politicians lured some lawyers with lofty promises or financial aggrandisement that compelled them to disregard their oath of office and gambled with the judicial processes and the lives and destinies of Nigerians who run to them for professional assistance. These discrepancies by these judicial officers of course were meted with retribution and disciplinary action as deterrence.

As officers in the temple of justice who took oath to keep and uphold the tenets of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and to observe and abide by the rule of law, it is an aberration and flagrant abuse of professional conduct to shop for judgements indiscriminately and instituting actions recklessly in courts even in courts without territorial or substantive jurisdictions and also appealing against orders or judgements of courts in another court of coordinate jurisdiction.

These unprecedented actions by judiciary left the whole country particularly the common man despairing, helpless and befuddled.
Dr Oye described the action of the chief justice of Nigeria as timely and sacrosanct and has revived the hope of Nigerians who can now confidently repose their trust once more in the judiciary as the last hope for the common man.
He prayed that God will continue to bless and guide him as he remains firm in upholding the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and the rule of law.


Barrister Tex Okechukwu, National Publicity Secretary of APGA

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