Appointment of Judges in Jigawa State: A Gross Violation of NJC Guidelines

There is disquiet over the ongoing process for the appointment of judges into the Jigawa State High Court bench m.

The Jigawa State Judicial Service Commission (JSC) had conducted written and oral examinations for prospective Kadis and Judges and thereafter published and circulated the scores and grades on media.

“The Chief Registrar and Secretary of JSC who did not participate in the interview but had their names were submitted to DSS screening for on Monday 15 November, 2021,” a source complained.

The Attorney General interfered with the Chief Judge’s roles and functions on appointment of Judges, and with judicial autonomy because he moderated, conducted, supervised the process of interview and then presented and defended the process. A complete manipulation of JSC,” it continued.

“The magistrates who have devoted all their lives on the bench were sidelined and stagnated as a result of this appointment process.

“We condemn the process in its entirety being a gross violation of the due process.”

Recall that the Jigawa State Judicial Service Commission (JSC) approved six candidates who scored 62 points and above in the written and oral tests conducted earlier by the commission for the appointment.

But eight persons appeared on Monday for the screening by DSS, two of them outside the initial candidates approved by the JSC.

According to reliable sources, the secretary of the JSC, Muhammad Ado Dahiru and the chief registrar of the State High Court, Aisha Ahmad Babura were the two additional candidates who suddenly surfaced for the screening.

Both did not participate in the examinations that qualified the other six for the screening, and it has remained unclear how they got clearance for the screening.

Keen watchers of Nigeria’s judicial system continue to wait with eyes unbated in the hopes that the JSC will do the right thing in the end. Justice is at stake.


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