‘As We Mark Easter, the Bar Shall Rise Stronger Again, Together with Our Country and Surely the World in General’– Jude Ogamba, Esq.

Jude I. Ogamba, Esq.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ signifies the end of the fall of man and the beginning of the redemption of humanity. It signifies the unequal sacrifice of Christ which was done out of love. The world is currently ravaged by the pandemic of Covid-19 but as we mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we mark the rise of mankind again.

Indeed Christ arose and we now rise with him without blemish and without the pandemic we are faced with globally. As members of the legal profession, let us keep faith as this too shall pass. The end is already in sight. The Bar shall rise stronger again, together with our country and surely the world in general.

As we celebrate this Easter let us continue to observe the social distancing measures, share the love that signifies the season with our neighbours who are in need and let us use this opportunity to develop personal relationship with God.

Happy Easter Celebration.

Jude I. Ogamba, Esq.


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