Banke Olagbegi-Oloba For NBA National Treasurer: The Interest Of The Bar Is My Mandate

Mrs Banke Olagbegi-Oloba, candidate for the Nigerian Bar Association National Treasurer

The interest of the Bar at large is my mandate!

If elected, I intend to perform my constitutional duties judiciously with high level of integrity, applying the wealth of experience gathered in the past as I have previously served as treasurer to NBA Akure Branch, Nigerian Association of Law Teachers and NBA YLF Governing Council.

My motivation to serve was borne from the fact that in the past, I have joined in criticizing past administrations in a way or the other, for not adequately meeting the needs of our members.

As a member of American Bar Association, I always feel so fulfilled with their service delivery system.

I pay my membership fees within the comfort of my room, I register for their conferences easily on my members’ account and receipt of payment is acknowledged immediately, registration fees for their conferences are usually very affordable and souvenirs are usually surplus for members during their conferences!

If ABA can achieve all they have put in place to satisfy the needs of their members, I believe strongly that NBA can do better!

I therefore offer myself to serve our Bar association in the capacity of the National treasurer, bringing onboard the wealth of experience I have gathered from the past.

As a team player and in collaboration with all elected officers, I intend to ensure, amongst others, that:

• I shall obey the provisions of our constitution to its letters, particularly as it relates to the office of the Treasurer, without fear or favor. I shall also ensure that the funds of the Association are judiciously expended only on projects meant to promote the basic objectives of the NBA;

• Payment of Bar Practicing fee is made online with ease and e-receipts generated immediately;

• Remittance of the percentage due to branches are made within two months after the 31st day of March; A standing order will be issued to our bankers to ensure that the percentage due to branches is automatically debited from the account;

• Funds are raised transparently, and same accounted for accordingly and regularly, to meet administrative and other needs of our Bar Association rather than relying mainly on Bar Practicing, Conference and any other fees from members;

• Our members with good financial standing are able to freely access loan facilities from our Bank;

• Financial reports are made available online immediately after NEC ratification;

• All financial members own a registered online account on the NBA website with regular access to our financial reports;

• All incoming and outgoing funds from the Association’s account are effectively overseen, coordinated and managed;

• Monies raised are expended mostly on the and needs welfare of members;

• An investment of a percentage of our funds is made with credible Investment companies, to yield more;

• Selfless services are rendered to the bar through accountability, transparency, and accessibility.

If elected, in collaboration with other executive members, I will seek to find solutions to problems voiced by our members…we might not be able to change the system overnight, but I will strive to influence the system towards satisfying the burning needs of our members in order to achieve the Bar Association of our choice.

Mine is a call to serve and nothing More! Banke is out to raise the standard of our Bar Association,

Banke is Bankanble!

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