May 21, 2024

Call for Papers 2021: Nigerian Journal of Admiralty Law and Practice

[A Publication of the Admiralty Lawyers Society of Nigeria]

The Editorial Board of the Nigerian Journal of Admiralty Law and Practice is currently accepting scholarly and well-researched papers on Admiralty Law for publication in the maiden edition of the Nigerian Journal of Admiralty Law and Practice.

The papers should address contemporary and cutting-edge issues on admiralty Law in Nigeria. Manuscripts could include articles, case comment/reviews and book reviews on Admiralty Law. Manuscripts should not normally exceed 7000 words (about 20 pages).

Guidelines for Authors

  1. Manuscripts submitted for consideration must not be under consideration or peer review or accepted for publication or published elsewhere and, if accepted, it should not then be published elsewhere in the same form of its publication in the Nigerian Journal of Admiralty Law and Practice. If previously published figures, tables, or parts of text are to be included, the copyright-holder, permission must have been obtained prior to publication. Author(s) should send a single file containing the complete manuscript (abstract, text, figures and tables), as this makes the reviewing process easier for editors and referees.
  2. The title page, information about the author(s), institutional affiliation, names, titles, degrees, other academic qualifications, e-mail address, postal address and telephone number of author(s) should be on a cover page as a separate document. The author(s)’ names should appear centred under the title. Recommended Theme is Times New Roman with font size 12 for the body text and 10 for the footnotes with 1.5 line spacing.
  3. Manuscripts must be clearly written in UK English and should be submitted in electronic format in Microsoft Word to alsnadmiraltylawjournaleditor@gmaiLcom
  4. Manuscripts should also be accompanied by an abstract, which summarizes the work in not more than 250 words. The abstract should clearly summarise the manuscript and state the main argument and relevance to contemporary legal issues.
  5. Manuscripts should be well referenced in automatic footnotes numbered consecutively and must accord with Nigerian Association of Law Teachers (NALT) Uniform Citation Guide Style or the Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA). Endnotes are not acceptable.
  6. Manuscripts would be peer reviewed for accuracy and relevance.
  7. Deadline for submission of articles, case reviews and comments is 30 August 2021.

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