Supreme Court Reserves Ruling in Union Bank’s Suit against $15b Judgment Debt

The Supreme Court on Thursday in Abuja reserved ruling on a motion by Union Bank…

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Esabunor v. Faweya: On Power of Court to Intervene where Parent or Person in Loco Parentis Objects to Particular Form of Medical Treatment for Child on Religious Grounds

An insight into the decision of the Supreme Court therein. Citation: (2019) 7 N.W.L.R PT….

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Whether an Agent of a Disclosed Principal can be held Liable in Tort of Malicious Prosecution

AINA vs. JAMES(2020)LCN/14102(CA) ISSUE: MALICIOUS PROSECUTION-Whether an agent of a disclosed principal can be held…

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Whether Facts Introduced Aliunde can be Considered in an Objection to Strike out a Statement of Claim

AGBOTI vs. BALOGUN & ORS.(2020)LCN/14236(CA) ISSUE: NOVATION OF CONTRACT-Whether facts introduced aliunde can be considered…

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MUJAID v. IBEDC : On whether Party who Fails to Prove his Claim is Entitled to Damages

MUJAID V. IBEDC : On whether party who fails to prove his claim is entitled…

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