June 14, 2024

Chukwuka Ikwuazom, SAN Encourages the New Leadership of the NBA-YLF to Embrace the Opportunity for Learning and Growth

Chukwuka Ikwuazom, SAN

The Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association’s Security Agencies Relations Committee and former Chairman of the Lagos Branch of the NBA, Chukwuka Ikwuazom, SAN has urged the new leadership of the NBA Young Lawyers Forum to see their roles as an opportunity for learning and growth. This was contained in a congratulatory message following the inauguration of the new YLF Executive Committee.
The President of the Nigerian Bar Association recently announced the inauguration of the Association’s Young Lawyers Forum (YLF) leadership which comprises the following:

  1. Abdulrauf Tijani Aboki – Chairman
  2. Adeola Mark-Adewunmi – Vice Chairman
  3. Jibola Salvador – Secretary
  4. Kachollom Peter – Asst. Secretary
  5. Mina Hope Obeten⁩ – Publicity Secretary
  6. Muhammad Muhajid Muhammad-Asst. Publicity Secretary.
  7. Ugochukwu Smart Okpara – Treasurer
  8. Damilola Victoria Alabi – Welfare Secretary
  9. Usman Muhammad- Asst. Welfare Secretary.
  10. Deborah Achanya- Legal Adviser.
  11. Gabriel Agboola- Asst. Legal Adviser.
  12. Judith Ezeonu – Social Secretary.

Following the announcement, the former Lagos Branch Chair, expressed his confidence in the leadership of the Forum and provided some guidance to the young leaders going forward.

Below is the full statement of Mr. Ikwuazom:

Dear Esteemed Members of the Young Lawyers Forum Executive Committee,

With great pleasure, I extend my warmest congratulations to each of you on your recent inauguration into the leadership of the Young Lawyers Forum (YLF) of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).

Your appointment to these key positions is a recognition of your dedication, interest in and commitment to the progress of the Nigerian Bar. It also underscores your competence, and potential within the legal profession. The Young Lawyers Forum plays a crucial role in nurturing and empowering the future leaders of our noble association. I am confident that you will excel in your respective roles.

As you assume your responsibilities, I would like to offer some advice for your tenure. Firstly, never forget that although you serve at the pleasure of the NBA leadership, you are a fiduciary in your respective offices for all young lawyers. Your conduct and discharge of your offices should always reflect a commitment to the growth of young lawyers across Nigeria.

Leadership is an important opportunity for learning, personal growth and self-development. I encourage you to embrace it to learn and grow. The legal profession is dynamic, and continuous self-improvement is essential. Seek mentorship from seasoned lawyers, engage in capacity-building initiatives, and always be open to new ideas and perspectives.

Also, remember the importance of collaboration and networking. The legal community thrives on cooperation, and your ability to build meaningful relationships with colleagues, both within and outside the YLF, will be invaluable in your journey. Collaboration breeds innovation and enables us to address the various challenges facing our profession and society at large.

Lastly, uphold the principles of integrity, ethics, and justice in all your endeavors. As young lawyers, you are the future of the legal profession and ambassadors of our noble calling. Your actions must reflect the highest standards of professionalism.

I would like to assure you of my commitment to collaborating with the YLF. We have a shared vision of a more inclusive, innovative, and impactful Bar. Together, we can work towards realizing this vision and advancing the cause of justice in our society. I remain available to provide you with any support or guidance you may need on this journey.

Once again, congratulations on your well-deserved appointments.

Warm regards,

Chukwuka Ikwuazom, SAN
Chairman NBA-SARC
(Former Chairman, NBA Lagos)

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