May 21, 2024

Dangers of Assumptions in Leadership

Leaders in the legal profession making assumptions, leading by depending on assumptions is one of the fastest ways to leadership failures, upsetting employees, colleagues and clients.

Assumption is a noun. It can have two facets. It could be something that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. The second facet is the action of taking on power or responsibility.

We assume a lot in our everyday interactions and relationships with people.

Is it good for us to rely so much on assumptions?

Well, No.

It has been shown time and time again, mere reliance on assumptions expose us to making many avoidable mistakes and can upset others and can have serious repercussions for us.

In legal sector leadership for example, don’t assume that just because the practice has enjoyed a good year or even years, the business will continue to enjoy the same in the next months or years because a new technology, a mistake, a negligence claim, a new shift in working, may bring the firm down on its knees. The lessons of Woolworths, Joules etc etc show these very well.

In people leadership, assumptions about people can make people feel patronised and that cannot be a good thing if you want people to grow and feel empowered.

Assumptions we make about ourselves ie that we are better than our competitors is logically incorrect because there will always be someone who does what we do much better than ourselves. Yes, we should always strive to be best but assuming we are the best only leads us to come across overconfident, arrogant and brash which makes people uncomfortable especially where everyone can easily see through you.

Don’t assume that your law firm partners or personal partners and family does not need nurturing and support. We are not islands in life and we need each other so we need to ensure that we give attention and nurturing to our network of strong relationships and supporters.

Finally, don’t assume your health will take care of itself. This is perhaps the most dangerous of all assumptions because of the likely consequences of getting it wrong — It may lead to death. So, work smarter avoid stress and stressful situations and get enough rest and relaxation sleep and exercise.

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