Daniel Kip Felicitates NBA Ikot Ekpene Branch on Their 2022 Law Week

Daniel Kip, Esq.

The NBA Ikot Ekpene Law Week with the theme: “Strengthening the pillars of democracy through effective legislation” has commenced on high note with emminent Law Lords and Academicians dissecting the theme.

The essence of such a discussion being spearheaded by the Ikot Ekpene Bar cannot be overemphasized. How authotonous is the Constitution? How people oriented are legislations in Nigeria? These and more will be at the forefront of deliberations.

The Bar must take an activist role in driving legislations that strengthen democracy. Legislative advocacy must be imbibed by the NBA. Lawyers should be more involved in the political process to get into the various Legislative Houses.

I commend the leadership and members of the Ikot Ekpene Branch of the NBA and wish you all a successful week.



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