Daniel Kip Sends Goodwill Message to the NBA Bwari Branch on Her 2022 Law Week

Daniel Kip, Esq.

It gives me great delight to identify with NBA Bwari Branch on her Law Week Program. I particularly appreciate the organizers for the well thought out theme; STATE OF THE NATION: WHERE ARE THE LAWYERS?

The importance of lawyers in Nation building cannot be overemphasized. There is need to not only engage ourselves on our role as Lawyers, but to brace ourselves to action as regards that important role we are to play in our dear country

The great Sapara Williams once said that: “The legal practitioner lives for the direction of his people and the advancement of the cause of his countrymen”. Indeed these words resonates so deeply in me and I charge our colleagues to continue in this role as the advancement of our nation, depends largely on how well we play our roles.

I wish us a fruitful week.

Thank you



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