Dele Adesina Rallied the Bar to Fight Against Principalities – Prof. Ilochi Okafor SAN, FCIArb

In the hours of our greatest crisis the very dark can following the gruesome murders of our brother sister and child Late B. C. Igwe Chairman NBA Onitsha Branch his pregnant wife our learned colleague and unborn child the NEC under the leadership of Wole and Dele Adesina idarknesseat courage rallied the entire Bar in unprecedented unity to fight for redress and support the Igwe family. The fight was against principalities and powers wickedness and evil in the high places. The endowments established have funded the education of the children of our murdered colleagues. We are obliged in all decency to vote for Dele Adesina. Remember the wise saying of the fowl. VOTE DESAN
Prof. Ilochi Okafor SAN, FCI. Arb.


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