September 25, 2023

Democracy Day Message by Asenoguan Osamuede Isobomuwa, Candidate for NBA General Secretary

Ede Asenoguan, Esq.

Read below Mr Asenoguan’s Democracy Day message to fellow Nigerians.

“Today June 12th, we Nigerians celebrate Democracy Day in commemoration of the 1993 June 12th presidential election, deemed to be the most credible election in the history of Nigeria, which was however cancelled by the then military junta.

The history behind this day is one that presents a ray of hope to Nigeria and equally chronicles the sad reality of Nigeria, where the core values of democracy do not see the light of day and obvious truths are shrouded in blatant travesty.

However, like I mentioned above, there is a ray of hope; there is another chance to redirect the wheels of progress of our dear nation. The upcoming general elections is our opportunity to give true meaning to the word ‘democracy’ and make a day like this worthwhile.

In the spirit of profound optimism, I therefore wish us all a happy Democracy Day.

Thank you and God bless”

Asenoguan Osamuede Isobomuwa, Esq.,
Past Chairman NBA Benin,
Candidate for NBA General Secretary

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