Dhikrullah Adewale Balogun (DAB) Congratulates FIDA Nigeria on the Hosting of Its 2021 Annual Conference

Dhikrullah Adewale Balogun (DAB)

The current Vice Chairman and former Welfare Secretary of the Ilorin Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Dhikrullah Adewale Balogun (DAB), felicitates with the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Nigeria, on its ongoing Annual Conference holding from 24th to 29th November, 2021, in Abuja.

According DAB, the association has once again lived to its e calling.

“I specially felicitate with the International Federation of Women Lawyers, Nigeria, on the auspicious occasion of her Annual Conference which continues to live up to expectations. This year’s conference with the theme “Addressing Gender-based Violence: New Tools” is a testament that, female lawyers in the Country are not only ensuring that their voices are heard, but that, their impact is also felt nationally and internationally.

“I must quickly add that, as the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of my Branch, I have always lend my voice to the call for all operators of our system to wake up and be committed to the fight to end violence against women by all legal means possible.

“The media must also be protected and encouraged to report every case of violence against women no matter how highly placed the perpetrators are.

Mr. Balogun further stated that “I sincerely commend FIDA Nigeria’s commitment and doggedness at raising awareness to fight this raging plague from totally eroding the fabrics of our cultural heritage. Violence against women is alien to our culture and all stakeholders must rise up to fight and eliminate it.

“I equally commend FIDA Nigeria for always taking the lead in the fight to end all forms of gender based violence in our society.

“Violence against women and girls, is the most pervasive form of human rights violations and prevents women and girls from reaching their full potential. Thus, concerted efforts must be made at all times to eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls.

I also urge that violence against the male folks too should be part of the fight of FIDA because, violence is indeed gender-based and not only particular to the female folks.

In conclusion, I wish all FIDANs a rewarding and fulfilling 2021 Conference and I pray for journey mercies to all participants while returning to their various destinations .

Congratulations to FIDA Nigeria.

Dhikrullah Adewale Balogun (DAB)
Vice Chairman, NBA Ilorin Branch.


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