March 3, 2024

Dr Jaja’s Two Books Advocate Mainstreaming of Legislative Drafting into the Curriculum of Legal Education in Nigeria

Dr. Tonye Clinton Jaja

Previously, legislative drafting appeared as the “Cinderella” of the legal profession. A “Cinderella” is a name for a person or thing that has previously suffered neglect, obscurity but is suddenly plucked out from such obscurity into the limelight.

The Cinderella story is now the fate of Legislative Drafting within the legal profession within Nigeria.

Like wood to an already growing glow, Dr. Tonye Clinton Jaja’s two most recent books adds impetus to the growing recognition of Legislative Drafting within Nigeria’s legal educational system.

Before, his return to Nigeria in the year 2014, Dr. Jaja holds the distinction as the first Nigerian to be conferred by the University of London, the PhD in law (legislative drafting) degree.

At that time only the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS) offered a Master of Laws (LLM) in Legislative Drafting programme in the whole Nigeria. However, it is on record that with a team of staff at the National Institute for Legislative Studies, Abuja, another Masters of Legislative Drafting programme was pioneered in collaboration with the University of Benin. This programmed commenced in the year 2014 with Dr. Jaja as the pioneer coordinator of the said programme which ia now renamed as the Master of Laws (LLM) in Legislative Drafting of the NILDS/University of Benin.

Based on his first-hand knowledge of the academic and professional aspects of Legislative Drafting, Dr. Jaja has teamed up Blessing Ikanyi, a lawyer to write the first treatise on the intersection between legal education and legislative drafting. The book makes a recommendation for teaching of Legislative Drafting courses at both the Faculty of Law, of Nigerian universities and at the Nigerian Law School respectively. The treatise is also based on empirical evidence of the current status of legal education and legislative in Nigeria, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Professor Ladan, the Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS) has graciously written the FOREWORD for the said book.

The second book also explores the theme of application of information communication technology (ICT) in Legislative Drafting. Again, there is an empirical study/survey within the textbook, this serves as a preliminary and justification for the entire research findings in the said book.

These two books are vital addition to the literature on Legislative Drafting that is gaining increasing recognition within the legal profession and legal education in Nigeria.

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