DSRVT trains young boys on Positive Masculinity

 Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team

The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team, DSVRT, has launched a programme to constitute an alliance of trained young boys in schools who will serve as peer educators and advocates of positive masculinity.

The purpose of this programme is to give boys the chance to rethink maleness, and to change the negative ways men treat women and each other.

The Team believes the journey towards complete eradication of Sexual and Gender Based Violence will draw a huge boost if the young citizens of our nation are role players towards this goal.

The King’s Club, Lagos was set up to help debunk socio-cultural misconceptions and promote positive masculinity & bring about behaviour & attitude change in the minds of young boys in Lagos State.

  1. Secondary school boys are trained as peer educators and pioneers of King’s Club in their respective schools. The Boys were; Exposed to an increased knowledge on gender-based violence, GBV and Sexual and reproductive health, SRH. • Able to question dominant norms which promote gender inequities.
  2. These lads are trained to promote positive SRH behavior and question factors which permit GBV. •Able to debunk myths about gender equality, culture and violence etc. •Able to question prevailing gender norms about dominant masculinities.
  3. Made to consider their own vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections/diseases, STIs/STDs & GBV. •Able to recognize their own ‘victimization’. We believe engaging boys is essential for the successful resolution of crises in which they are implicated.
  4. This program will be cascaded to all the 6 Eductaion Districts in Lagos State. To report any incidence of gender based violence or call DSVRT on 0813-796-0048 or dial *6820#.

This initiative is a laudable one because men have to be engaged to ensure collective liberation from rape, domestic violence among other aberrations.

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