March 3, 2024

Emerging Jurisprudence on Privacy and Data Protection Law and Practice in Nigeria: Call for Papers

The Editors of a proposed book titled ‘Emerging Jurisprudence on Privacy and Data Protection Law and Practice in Nigeria’ call for articles to be published as part of the forthcoming publication.

Towards contributing to the growing body of academic and research work, and in the context of the title of the proposed book, legal practitioners, privacy professionals, academics and researchers are invited to submit papers.

Areas of interest

Based on the title of the book, we welcome well-researched academic articles, case reviews, and book reviews related to or addressing the following topics:

• Fintech

• Agtech

• Insurtech

• Smart contracts and blockchain

• Health/medical data

• The electoral process and data protection

• Data protection and collaborative research

• Transborder data flow

• Data protection and paperless shipping/international trade

• Sensitive data

• Extraterritoriality of NDPR

• The NDPR and the maritime industry

• Interrelationship of data protection and other rights

• Cloud computing 

• Artificial intelligence

• Internet of things (IoT)

• Anonymization and pseudonymization

• Digital identity

• Multidisciplinary approaches to data protection

• Enforcement mechanisms

• Cybersecurity

• Privacy by design and default

Deadline for submission: Friday 29th day of October 2022.

Submission Guidelines:

The papers should be formatted with times new roman font size 12, 1.5cm margins, single line spacing, and OSCOLA referencing style.

Papers should be sent to the Editors:

Olumide Babalola, LLB (Ogun), B.L, LLM (Reading)

Kelechukwu Okwujiako, LLB (Calabar), B.L, LLM (Swansea)

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