Enrollment of El-Rufai’s Son in Public School, a Way to Raise the Falling Standard of Education by Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

The falling standard of education in Nigeria continues increasing by the day due to numerous reasons. There is an urgent need for our education standard to be raised. It is unfortunate that still some students of public schools, hardly learn in conducive learning environment, hardly receive the adequate knowledge needed because not all of their teachers are qualified to teach.

There is a public school where students still sit on the floor (ground) with some of them on the available seats. I believe if the children of the chairman of that local government area are in that public secondary school, the situation would have been better.

There is a public secondary school although its structures are quite okay from a mere look, but it has no proper fencing. There was no wall from the side and in front of the school. As a result, stubborn students easily escape from the school before closing hour.

But if a governor enrols his son in a public school, his education commissioner does the same, SUBEB chairman does the same, principal of that public school does the same, do you think the situation would remain thesame? Do you think the standard of education will continue falling? If no, it is a welcome development and should be used as a means of raising and/or improving the falling standard of education in Nigeria.

I know there is no way the chief executive of a country or a state as the case may be will allow his children’s future to be ruined. He won’t. Whenever teachers union are on strike, I am sure quick and serious action would be taken because he won’t agree to see his children everyday at home just because of strike problem which he could solve very easily. Likewise a commissioner or a minister, SUBEB chairman, teachers and all those in highly placed positions mentioned above. Infact, they would satisfy all the staffs/teachers needs before they embark on a strike. And there will be no regular and unnecessary strikes from the union.

Not only this, all the required learning materials (text books, computers and etc) needed in public schools would be provided and no one will divert them because his/her child is one of the beneficiaries. So if he does, he cheats himself indirectly or directly.

Apart from this, good pipe borne drinking water, conducive learning atmosphere, furnitures and employment of qualified staffs would be ensured in public schools even if not all. And I am sure the teaching staffs will do their best in discharging their duties (educating students) because there is an offspring of the chief executive and/or commissioner’s son there. Their (teachers) children also are not in exception so it is not only the children of the poor that are there. Everyone will mind his business and do his job without laziness, late coming to class, and weakedness.

This same procedure, if taken at the federal level, all of us in Nigerian universities and other tertiary institutions would be happy and would soon graduate on time. Let there be president’s children, minister’s children, professor’s children and other children of his and her excellencies across all the public schools/universities and see how the quality of education in Nigeria would be boosted. Assuming that the son of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the son of the Academic Staff Union of the University’s head, the son of the minister of education, the children of top government officials and the children of all the first class emirs were in ABU, BUK, Unimaid or any other public university in Nigeria, the recent ASUU strike wouldn’t have lasted for months. Or do you think that all these people listed above don’t love their children’s future well being? I think it is that love that made most of them to send their children to oversea to study .

Enrollment of El-Rufai’s son in a public school (Kaduna Capital School) last monday is indeed a welcome development. Although it has generated a lot of comments from various users of social media platforms, but for us, who want the improvement of standard of education in Nigeria, we considered this as a way towards improving the falling standard of education in Nigeria in one way or the other.

The governor’s son is a primary pupil. So whatever he learns, he would tell his father or mother. By so doing, they will get to know the quality of education their son and others are getting in the school. If it is okay, they commend the teachers for job well done. But when they are not doing their work well, then action will be taken without waiting to hear from T.V, radio or social media. Information reaches the appropriate authority directly.

Enrollment of El-Rufai’s son in a public school is a fulfillment of a promise he made earlier on. This shows that Nigerian politicians can fulfill their promises. It also shows that the habit of this day’s politicians of unfulfillment of promises, is coming to an end.

Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim
29th September, 2019



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