Former Chairman and Publicity Secretary of NBA Abuja Branch, Desmond Yamah Felicitates NBA Calabar on the Occasion of her Annual Law Week

Desmond Yamah, Esq.

Desmond Yamah, former Chairman and Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Abuja Branch felicitates NBA Calabar Branch on the occasion of her Annual Law Week.

I’m particularly impressed with the theme of the Calabar Law Week for this year: WE THE PEOPLE: Agenda for National Consensus.

This is a call for ‘National Renaissance ‘ with intent to uphold the true spirit of Nationalism.

The people of Nigeria must forge an agenda for national consensus that will reflect the diversity of our people and adequately provides for our collective interest.

In a diverse society like ours, building a national consensus is imperative, so as to give every fragment that makes up the collective whole a sense of stake in the nation.

I pray for a successful Law Week.

Desmond Yamah Esq. Former Chairman , NBA Abuja and current Co-Chairman, NBA Secretariat Restructuring Committee.


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