FCT Chief Judge Swears-in NBA Gwagwalada Branch Chairman, Isah Abubakar Aliyu and 99 others as Notaries Public

Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Gwagwalada Branch, Isah Abubakar Aliyu, Esq.

The Chief Judge of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Hon. Justice Hussaini Baba-Yusuf has sworn in the Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Gwagwalada Branch Mr. Isah Abubakar Aliyu and 99 others as Notaries Public of Nigeria.

Mr. Aliyu and others were sworn in at a ceremony which took place on Thursday, 7th October, 2021, at the Ceremonial Court of the FCT High Court of Justice, Maitama Abuja.

The appointment was made pursuant to the Notaries Public Act Cap. N141, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 and is one of the coveted ranks in the legal profession.

Only senior lawyers who have been admitted to the Nigerian Bar for at least seven years prior to the day of appointment and who scale through the very rigorous screening process to test their professional ability and integrity are appointed as Notary Public.

At the event, the Chief Judge delivered remarks to welcome the new Notaries Public to the all-important responsibility of witnessing and authenticating the signing of our most important transactions: mortgage documents, powers of attorney, contracts, and other dealings central to our lives and the economy. 

Full transcript of the Chief Judge’s speech

It gives me great delight to welcome you all to this swearing-in-ceremony where in you have just been all sworn in as Notaries Public. I want to first of all congratulate you on being deemed worthy to be conferred with this important position. This is undoubtedly a special day for you all. The duty of a Notary Public is provided for by the Notaries Public Act Cap 141 LFN 2004 and I will advice that you acquaint yourselves with the provisions of that law. In the meantime, I should let you know that, the position you now occupy as a Notary Public of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is one that is of utmost importance to the smooth running of our legal system in particularly and generally, the administration of various arms and agencies of government.

A Notary Public is to provide services that range from administration of oaths for giving of evidence in Court, notarization of Bills of Exchange, authenticating documents for use by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Preparation of Notarial Certificates of Law & Good Standing, taking Affidavits, Declarations & Depositions, Verification of Company documents and Verification of identity and/or signature, witnessing the execution of local and international documents such as Sale and Purchase Agreements, Transfers of Land Agreement, Power of Attorney, Deeds, Security Documentation, Mortgages and Company Resolutions, Minutes of Meetings and Reports; just to mention a few.

Your work therefore cuts across many sectors and transaction types, necessary for our Nation to make progress and develop. Where not duly authenticated by you, such document may not be accepted for any official purpose by any authority or court of Law in a suit, where such document is required to be tendered as an exhibit before any court.

This no doubt calls for you to maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, ethical standing and attention to detail to prevent any form of irregularity from manifesting. You should be cautious and circumspect at all times especially where such documentation involves foreign entities. In some cases, you may be called upon to notarise a document as a mandatory legal requirement, such as Land Deeds and Powers of Attorney. In these cases, there is an added need for you to be sure that the documentation is authentic and duly attested to by persons who have the legal rights to enter into such an agreement. You must also sensitize your clients that failure to notarise such documents may raise questions of their validity. As Legal Practitioners you must also ensure that you stand on the side of the law and shun any temptation to indulge in unethical or downright criminal behaviour by using your services to facilitate corruption or other criminal conduct. You must remember that you have been through a rigorous process in order to be appointed and that any infraction will attract stiff legal and professional sanctions. Therefore, do your best to live up to the expectations reposed in you by the Honourable, the Chief Justice of Nigeria and I am sure you will all do well. In concluding my remarks, permit me to reiterate that we owe it to the judiciary and our country to ensure that we work assiduously towards a justice system that we can be proud of.


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