FIDA Lagos Law Week: Adesina Adegbite’s Goodwill Message- ‘We Appreciate Your Record of Service to Humanity’

On behalf of all my colleagues at Adereti Adegbite & Co, I heartily congratulate the Chairperson, the Executive Officers, the Planning Committee, and all members of the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Nigeria, Lagos Branch, on occasion of her 2021 Law Week.

The theme of the Law Week, ‘African Child’s Right To Life And Stable Home: Towards Eliminating Social Conflict In Nigeria’, is most instructive and apposite in the circumstances of the social challenges and insecurity malaise presently confronting Nigeria. The rampant cases of unstable homes have resulted in many children engaging in crimes and drug abuses. We hope this event will chart a direction towards addressing the menace of unstable homes which has become a global challenge.

We appreciate FIDA Lagos Branch for her excellent records of service to humanity and we wish you a most successful and epoch making Law Week.


Adesina Adegbite, FICMC
Managing Partner;
Past National Welfare Secretary, NBA


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